Friday, 10 August 2012

You Wanna Get Lucky...

Hey hey hey!!! *waves big*

You guys wonder what I was like before I hit the jackpot with the bestest friends and the Story Orgy? Before I found the most perfect muse for me and he taught me the ins and outs of writing—okay *hangs head* is still teaching me proper grammar all the time—*mumbles about those darn then/than conflicts*

Wonder if I'll ever write a to the point *giggling* get it...point *eye roll*—fangy type of story? Yeah, considering I've already got the Djin and devil type of paranormals going

Well a while back—like 3 years back—I did write a short story with a vampy yumster and a smart assets man to go with him...(go figure—I wrote a smart assets character *eye rolls*)

It's now published as a free read for Breathless Press's Birthday Bash!!! I'd be honored if you would swing on by and download know...take a taste of me and see what you think *licks lips*

This little nugget of goodness is called Lucky Night...and just for the record—it really does lives up to its could be the vamp's Lucky Night...or the smart asset's...even the cashier's & quite possibly the whore's...but it is NOT *shakes head determinedly* is NOT the punk without ID's Lucky Night...*smirks* you'll just have to read to find out...hehe

Lucky Night
Havan Fellows
available from Breathless Press
free birthday read

Tino is drawn to a force he's never encountered before. Levi is minding his own business running an errand. Tino, meet your force to be reckoned with...
Tino's a vampire uninterested in his existence. It seems to be the same thing over and over, nothing excites him anymore. Until one night during his feeding when he feels a pull that takes him on a journey. A journey to the one thing he didn't think he would ever want, his own human.
Levi just wants to stock up on some snacks and survive his high school reunion, in that order. But when a walking talking sex-on-a-stick suddenly appears in the gas station and clears the place out with just a few words, he realizes that tonight just might be lucky for him.

And now your test to make sure you are in the right place...*winks*

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  1. Hehehe, I've read it already.. Of course I did. And if I can give you an advice.... run for it! you won't be disapointed!!!!