Monday, 27 August 2012'm changing history

A few weeks ago, while I was neck deep into writing my first BDSM (well light BDSM) story (Aint Too Proud to Beg) I got this magical idea to write something I've always wanted to write. An interracial, Regency, erotic novel.  What's the problem you might ask? Well, I wanted the female to be African American, the Male to be white and I wanted it to take place in a country where Kings roam and knights were aplenty. Lemme break it down for you.

During Regency time blacks were not royal and every turn I take, people keep reminding me of that.  I am not a huge fan of slavery. To be frank I went to school in Jamaica and they drilled that topic into my brain over and over the might as well have cut my head open and shoved it in.  When I moved to Canada they force fed it to me again and again with my parents forcing me at 14 to read Uncle Tom's Cabin.  So, needless to say, it happened, it was horrible and I am hoping we learned from it so now lets move on. I don't want my novel to dwell on that.

At one point I was thinking, well shit. Scrapping that idea. But now that I finish writing Aint Too Proud to Beg, I am itching for something else to make me want to rip my hair out.

So, I'm changing history.

I am making up my own and to hell with the consequences.

Why am I doing this? *shrugs* Probably I've been overtaken by madness. Who knows? I'm probably as mad as a hatter. Or maybe I just think we all need our own fairy tales of prince charming and Cinderrealla. I'm not being the R word but the African American Culture has only one fairy tale that I know of and that's the really stupid Princess and the Frog where the princess was African American for about 5 minutes in the movie then a frog for the rest then 5 minutes at the end of the movie. *sigh* so I'm writing one--burn all the nay sayers and drama-bringers.

 I've come up with a story titled CLAIMED. (That's a working title for now).  It will have a touch of BDSM in it (hence the title), and be very sexy. I haven't quite written the blurb yet and I'm still looking for a country to set it in (maybe I will create my own) but it's a WIP. Whatever publishing house gets this tale will have to explain to the CA why they chose this book lol but bring it on. If I have to self publish it, it will happen.

So, I should get to work--right? Hrm.....Anyone got any suggestions for countries I could use?


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