Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Take time for YOU!

My father always says if you don't have anything to say, don't force it. Let it go. So last week I had nothing to say so I didn't blog about anything. This week I have tons to say and I hope you take heed. Before I do that I have to do shamelss plugs for my books Second Time Around and Jose's Surrender. Both books are no available. Second Time Around is from Rebel Ink Press and Jose's Surrender is book 4 in my Sons of Eros series with Silver Publishing. They are available wherever you buy your Remmy yumminess.

Now, onward to what I would like to say today. So often in our lives we go about letting everything consume us.   For me its my fight to finish school, get work and a place of my own.  Add to that my writing, my bid to have some form of a social life and all that good stuff, my days becomes a dim blur and my nights are filled with nightmares and dreams that make no earthly sense.  I get really tired these days because I do way too much at times. My friend Jade yells at me often because I keep seemingly biting off more than I can chew often times and it worries her. My best friend thinks I am insane because I just picked up on script writing again.
So why am I saying all of this to you? Most of us love having our own things. We love being independent. But sometimes we take this push to become more than we are or more than our parents are/were.  Then it becomes almost like an obsession. We are afraid of failure so we work too hard, party too hard, we focus on everyone else too hard.  We often times forget that we need to listen to our bodies. Though sometimes when our bodies tell us "I'm tired. Please stop. Stop making me do stuff!" We see that as weakness so we push our bodies pass tolerable situations. When we hit the wall he push, fight, shove through the wall adding more stress and tear to our souls. Sometimes when our bodies say to us "I'm tired. Pease stop. Stop making me do stuff" we keep going because we don't want to seem lazy, or lacadasical.
The truth is, often when our bodies say "I'm tired. Please stop. Stop making me do stuff" we ought to listen.  We should stop, take a breath, lean against a fence with the sun setting and lick an ice-cream. Don't like ice-cream? (what kind of person don't like ice-cream? That shiz is delicious!) Then just take a moment to laze about, stare at the sky, throw rocks into a lake, watch a movie, go for a walk. The world is chaotic enough without you having a nervous breakdown.
TAKE TIME FOR YOU and don't feel selfish about it. Look at it this way, If you're not at your best? Then all those other people you always seem to spend all your time looking after, will miss out on your fabulous self!
Remmy Duchene
The image above: ICE CREAM SUNSET© Joshua Koppelman | (free images)

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