Friday, 17 August 2012

Wanted: A Few Snarky Men...

First let's talk about my age. Hey—I've got no problem chit chatting about my thirty-eight years. I'm not a young one, but I have a long way to go before I'm aged to perfection. And the good thing about the years behind me *wiggles my behind* is that I've seen some interesting things. Betcha I could make you blush...maybe squirm a little...and definitely throb a lot...all without even using my hands...or fingers. *wiggles fingers and winks*

So my age has given me the insight to know exactly what I want in a man. And that...well that is a whole nother discussion. *eye roll* But I know that there is something special and interesting in all men...the lanky ones...the mature ones...the quiet ones...the bear ones...the odd ones...the rambling ones...the packing & not-so-packing ones...the blue eyed ones and yes...the snarky ones.

Now before I continue with my discussion about that last group I named—do me a flavor and take notice that I didn't just describe the outsides of this great group that have what I crave and desire...oh hell no—if you want to talk about men to me and get me needing a wardrobe change...there has gots to be more than what the eye can see *does googly eye impression* Oh come on—this is my blog post and the internet to boot...imagine a googly eye impression...*giggles*

So—a close dear friend of mine asked me why so many of my men are

'"No they aren't!" I quickly defended my boys...


"Nah uh." I might have stuck my tongue out at this point...keep in mind my youthful age disclosed above...


Oh wow...are we naming names now? Really??? "Shan may have an interesting sense of humor, but he isn't an asset-hat.  Everything he did he did for others, and just enjoyed it a bit too much along the way, nothing wrong with that."


Ryder's Playground
"Oh come on! He made a mistake—he was barely an adult. You never freaked up when you were younger?" Oh and two points for me not mentioning said freak ups aloud...

"Fine." Arms got crossed and a determined look gleamed the eyes..."Ritchie..."


"And Emery..."

Oh hit with the double shot of course I did the mature thing in this situation..."I'm sorry...I'm losing connection...I'm going through a tunnel...will have to call you back..."

Let me introduce you to the asset hats...Emery and Ritchie

Um, since I was actually sitting in the same room as my friend—well that wasn't exactly a good out to choose this time...*heads desk* So I fessed up...

Yeah—I may write an asset hat or two every now and then...but why not? The word asset hat is really a broad description—in this case it covered two people who combined are: snarky (such a cool sounding word for sarcastic), manipulative, self serving, plotting, control freaking, yeah, assets.

So I repeat—why not write about them? Please tell me who hasn't dreamed at least once about a wise cracking full of himself man meeting his match and being knocked down a peg or two? Or a man so sure of himself that he comes off as pompous but truly knows how to work your body to a complete lather...then rinses and repeats...*fans face*

When I see my now dubbed asset hat men...I don't see the bad that they bring to the table—and they do, because they are human in my mind. I see the yum yum they bring...and I develop that...spin it to work for or against them depending the scene...I hook them up with someone who can handle them and watch the sparks fly...and when I write my erotic romance...well by the end there is always a HEA or HFN and they are not always the same as when they stepped into my arena...

Because as another close friend likes to say...everyone deserves a chance to love and be loved...even the not so perfect men with faults and flaws—whether they are seen with the naked eye or not.

So tell you like a little snark in your men?


  1. Snark is good! Bring it on. xoxo

  2. I think all men deserve a chance. Snarky or not..

  3. I love snarky men! But I also love nice men, romantic men, powerful men, macho men... Ok, I love MEN, any kind of men. I'm hopeless lol

  4. I've got to admit I like a little snark in my man, probably why I've been married to the Mister for almost twenty years!

  5. I agree...all men - all types - all attitudes have a beauty and muscle tightening way about them...but I guess I have a special spot for men who can go toe to toe with me and not back down...hehe