Monday, 6 August 2012

Morning Wood

Happy Monday!

I now have the task of making your morning, week, day which ever bad one you're having. Anyways, today I'm here to talk to you about morning wood. You know, men waking up in the morning with a friendly little reminder that they are still men. Fine, I'll say it, a hard on. I see this in movies all the time and some guys I know complain about it too but is it real?

Well yes, woods are real but is the fact that they always wake up with one real?  Is it normal? Wait, I was watching this show called "STRANGE SEX" on TLC...yes they have a show called STRANGE SEX on TLC. I swear am not making this up! And there was this guy who says he can have multiple orgasms...I'm not talking about having one, then wait an hour and go talking having one, then build up and go again and again and again and good l0rd I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  His poor wife have taken up to working out just so she can keep up with him and even then she's still contemplating giving up.  He said it was from years of being a virgin because he lost his virginity at 21 years old to his wife. Anyways, whole other topic that one. Back to Morning wood--I love saying Morning

What brought this up? (morning wood I mean)

So on Friday I was at school and the professor sent us on a break for ten minutes. Our classes are two and a half hours long so we get a short break in between.  I was sitting with a bunch of guys who found it utterly fascinating that I wrote erotica and had a whole slew of questions from where do I get my motivation to can they be my motivation. Of course there were a couple that I would let be whatever motivation they wanted and a couple who I would rather poke my eyes out with hot pokers first. But that's neither here nor there.

The conversation went to morning arousal.

One guy, a rather sexy Russian, asked if I ever gave my guys morning wood. At first I sat there, blinking at him thinking "huh?" I guess he saw my confusion then he said, and I quote "has any of your characters ever woke up in the morning and tackled the female?" I burst out laughing and said "oooOooo you mean a hard on in the morning!"

He blushed--so cute bee-tee-dub--and nodded.

That had me thinking. I don't think I've ever given my characters morning wood--as he so delicately put it--I think I did that once in Panty Droppers 2: Shakin' it for Daddy. But other than that I never really wrote it in--I guess it was never called strange.... Anyways, I told him I would use him as my next hottie in my next story and he was very happy--said he wanted a copy of the book as soon as it is released.  I think I just may do that...write a story about him having morning wood *grins*


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  1. Oh you must write more morning wood. Oh and you know I wanna read this book...