Saturday, 25 August 2012

Movie night with Maryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Mom

So on Tuesday, 

I was home all day because the EDJ didn't have me down to work. While I was happy I was a little pissed off that the ONE Tuesday I didn't have to tear ass to classes after work, he wouldn't put me to work. Anyways, I spent the day running errands and getting more and more depressed then I started writing on my novel, Whiskey Lullaby. I was trying to get work done but the phone kept ringing. At one point I just let the voice mail pick it up but the person didn't give up so I finally answered it. 

It was my mom.

Mom: Hey, you wanna go see a movie tonight? I feel for a movie.

Kadian: *sighs dramatically then burst out laughing*

Mom: What?

Kadian: What kind of movie do I go see with my mother?

Mom: What kind of movie do you normally see? Porn?

Kadian: *Inredulous* Oh mom. They don't play that kind of movie in that theatre...... *dramatic pause* You have to go down town for that.

Now you have to understand something. My mother is old school Jamaican and everything is bad for her when it comes to movies, sex, guns, explosions, dirty talk, dirty comedy and all those are the good stuff. So I go through all the movies that were out inside my head--Hit and Run. Nope. Expendables 2. Nope. Spider-Man. Over my dead body. And so on and so forth. So one by one the movies were crossed off.  We hung up and I did some digging. Then I saw HOPE SPRINGS with Tommy Lee Jones and Maryl Streep. I know she loves her some Tommy and she adores Maryl from her stint in that HORRID rendition of Mama Mia (after seeing the play for that, no movie could ever do it justice). I mean I wanted to see it but since I knew none of my friends would go with me, I had planned on seeing it alone after the exam hyped died down followed by the freaking out about grades. So the movie in a nutshell.

After thirty years of marriage, a middle-aged couple attends an intense, week-long counseling session to work on their relationship. - IMBD

That night we got dressed up and hit the movies like it owed us something. I was wearing a dress, earrings AND heels *gasp* Can you believe it? It was my only chance this summer to really doll it up. Anyways we get there and I wanted to buy our ticket but I have one of those debit cards with the damn chip that decided to pick THAT moment to crap out on me! I was so mad. I called the bank and....

After giving more information to identify myself, (because me putting in my bank card number and pin wasn't enough) we went from there.

Kadian: I want to know why my bank card isn't working.

Agent: I don't know. You have more than enough money to charge stuff so I don't get it.

Kadian: can you send me a new card?

Agent: I can't do that, but you can go into the bank tomorrow and they'll give you a new one.

So that call was useless. Nevertheless, I didn't give up. For popcorn I used my debit card just to test it again and after a couple of tries, it worked.  I used my scene points to pay for our movie and in we go.

This movie was hilarious! Now listen, if you're not an old soul like me, you probably wont like it. It's a movie for the mothers and grand mothers out there. The people who adored Tommy from the old days and in The Fugitive. But there was one part where they were making out that made me cover my eyes then peek through my fingers thinking..."awkwarrrrrrrrrd!"

There was some talk--well not really talk but obsession with the blow job which I found so funny, I laughed till I hiccuped and the movie theatre scene in the movie?? Priceless. But I have to say, Maryl Streep, I will watch anything with her in it now. The woman is amazing. That guy from the office was in there too and he--well lets just say sometimes I was doubled over banging my hand into my fist laughing.

My mom enjoyed it as well. A few times she leant over and asked "Why is it so loud?" But other than that she was laughing until she cried too. 

Listen if you're going to see this movie, the banana scene alone...that one scene ALONE would make this movie worth the price of admission.

But needless to say, mom and I had a great time! Mom even saw a new movie she wants to see when it comes out...It's called HERE COMES THE BOOM with Kevin James from King of Queens and Mall Cop. He had to lose A LOT of weight for this new roll as he's shirtless for half of it and Penelope Cruz is in it too! I can't wait.

Have a lovely day everyone!

Kadian Tracey (Kendra Mei Chailyn)

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