Saturday, 29 September 2012

Martin Sheen BLEW my mind!

I normally walk down the street and I see kids and they have their pants belted around their thighs - for the boys and the girls wear their skirts so short that if the breeze was to blow, just a little bit, it would be over their heads. I mean the thought of them being the ones to change this world scared the crap out of me! I mean be honest! You were thinking it.

But I had the oppurtunity to get a ticket for WE DAY. First of all you can't buy a ticket for WE DAY you have to EARN it. You have to do something to change the world to get a ticket for it. So because of our Agriculture Trip to Cuba, The guys over at Free The Children sent us some tickets.  I went thinking it was going to be just another mini concert with a bunch of kids and some famous people but boy was a I wrong.
We did have a mini concert with the likes of K'Naan, Nelly Furtado, Shawn Desman, Jennifer Hudson, The Tenors, Lil Jake and some dancers that taught us the WE DAY dance, but what really got me was Al Gore and Martin Sheen. Now Al Gore told us about the melting ice-caps which I've known about for a while now especially after researching Serbia for a story I have been writing for three years (ugh) and he told us that he has to rely on us to fix things.

But the big surprise to me was when they came on strage and introduced Martin Sheen (Yes, father of the same Charlie Sheen). Istood there, camera poised thinking "what in the world could Martin Sheen have to say to me about changing the world?" He walked on the stage, looked around, and began speaking.  From the moment he opened his mouth I was pulled in, intriqued if you will. He first apologised to us for letting his generation comepletely mess up the world. Because they aren't leaving us a very good legacy. He was articulate, and intelligent and funny. When he was finished, everyone was on their feet just cheering and applauding.

And what blew my mind? Aside from the fact Martin Sheen took time to fly to Canada to give children and youths hope for a better world - and aside from the fact he was so intelligent and amazingly outspoken? And aside from the fact that he is Martin-Fricking-Sheen? Its the fact that he has given me renewed hope that those same kids with their pants belted around their thighs and those girls with skirts short enough to cause a wardrobe malfunction can save the world. They can do something so beautiful and kind that it will be another ripple in the wave of world change.

I say again--Martin Sheen BLEW my mind.

Kendra Mei Chailyn

PS: If you have twitter please tweet @Zinc save lives and ask your friend to retweet it. For every retweet TEK will donate fifty cents to a fund to help villages around the world deal with zinc deficiencies. Not sure when it ends, probably after the WE DAYs have all been done. But do it just in case.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Social Network Freedom and Privacy

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Social Networks, we are all a part of one or more of the vast networks out there. Myself being an author I'm pretty much all over the place connecting with other authors, publishers, readers and book lovers. Not everyone belongs to once specific place since there are so many choices out there.

With the advancement of technology and the freedom that people seem to have when it comes to their online life we all worry about privacy and being safe on the net. We all have the option to switch our profiles to private and only have the closest people to us see what we talk about and post.

Those options are there for a reason. Or are they?

I will give you an example. I recently discovered that Facebook now lets everyone see your status. Not just your friends. Now it is friends of friends and people who are not on your list of people who you connected with. Anyone has the chance to comment or read what you put out there. I have my profile set so that only friends can read my stuff but somehow it is visible to everyone. As an author I don't always mind since it means that my posts have more exposure.

But what if you don't want all your posts out there to the world? What if you only want a small group to see them?

We have such freedom and a lot of people don't realize what reach your social life on the net has. People reveal the most intimate details about who they are, their family life and everything in between.

Personally I think we must have some kind of limit about what we reveal and post online. Honestly I really don't want to know you scratched your butt or anything other of that nature.

We forget that now potential employers are even scouting the social networks and looking at the things we post. People have been know to get fired from stuff that they posted on a social network.

How do you feel about the privacy issue when it comes to social networks?
What is your opinion on how much people reveal to the world? Are you comfortable telling everyone everything?

stay naughty,

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

You Searched For What?

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We as authors tend to search for some weird things at times for our stories. I've searched for info on planes to the type of rope to use that will not burn in a fire for a murder scene I was working on. I laugh that if anyone were to ever go through my search history they would probably freak out. 

Research is a part of our writing process..We write everything and sometimes we write about things we have no clue about..Like for example I have no idea about planes or how they work..Or models..

I've searched for so many things including poisons and murder weapons, looked at crime scenes for reference.  Can't forget making sure certain sexual positions are anatomically possible. Hey in my mind they are but one must make sure so my editor doesn't tell me it is not even close to being possible.

I'm not saying all research is so fun, interesting or pretty but it is always cool to learn something new along the way.

Lately I've been jumping the genre spectrum to the max. I'm doing contemporary, suspense and sci-fi all at once..I'm working on five books together..Each day I work on a little of one and then swap to another..I have been rotating them during the week to get them all done. So my research and Googling has been all over the map. This week I'm looking at fight techniques and self defense  moves.

So tell me if I were to ever go through your searches on your pc what are some of the weird or even funny things I might find?

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stay naughty,

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Could You Allow Him Control?


In the middle of a crowded restaurant? Would you consider a touch of public display? In my naughty poem that I penned, With a Single Look, not only does she wait in anticipation for her lover to arrive at a darkened restaurant, but she also follows him into a small space, presumably the bathroom where he requires her to undress for him. He will dole out punishment that she accepts readily and there are no words spoken. While he closes the door, he does not lock it signifying his total control and absolute power, but also her complete trust. Here’s a little taste…

I wait in silence in the shadowed light
While customers come and go, unaware
Of the hunger that burns within
To the point I can no longer breathe
I sense his presence drawing near
My instincts keen, my understanding strong
With a single look…
I will want

I watch in reverence as he enters the room
While he scans the crowded space, searching
For the woman that gives him freedom
Enough so that his features bear sensuous cravings
I drink in his feral scent
My wet heat clenching, my pulse racing
With a single look…
I will yearn

I feel my resolve crumbling as he draws closer
While the waiter serves the wine, suspecting
That the woman he sees is mesmerized
By the prowess of the stunning man
I lick my lips in anticipation
My desires raging, my legs quivering
With a single look…
I will need

I shiver as he gazes into my eyes
While a single finger traces down my neck, savoring
The feel of my skin as it trembles
Because of the whispered scintillating touch
I close my eyes in acquiescence
My realization complete, my acceptance secured
With a single look…
I will succumb

I follow as he leads into the darkness
While his hand never leaves my back, controlling
The lover he claimed so long ago
By the power that gave me life and love
I nod my head as he closes the door
My senses tingling, my voice quavering
With a single look…
I will become

I undress as he leans silently against the wall
While his eyes rake down my body, relishing
In the naked woman that stands before him unafraid
Because of the complete level of trust
I lower my eyes as he pushes me to the floor
My discipline required, my forgiveness complete
With a single look…
I now belong

Not only is a highly erotic act within itself, it is a bit dark and dangerous and something that probably few of us would consider. But tell me, have you ever given yourself over to passion somewhere that a bit naughty and out of the ordinary? The thought of being discovered is certainly an aphrodisiac to many and a touch too kinky to others. I have written about public displays and voyeurism in several of my stories because of the trickle of fear the meshes with the story.

You don’t have to be this deliciously naughty. You can allow him to be in control of that moment of passion in the privacy of your own home. I think for men they sometimes feel at a loss of control because of their everyday lives and the stresses of their job and a typical family life. Perhaps suggesting that he come up with something a bit saucy and completely out of both of your comfort zones might spice things up a bit. I am not suggesting that you go out in the middle of your cul-de-sac in an open convertible, but…there are certainly some other tasty methods that might give you both a kick, a sizzle.

There are many ways you can spice up you love life including reading naughty stories together or perhaps selecting toys on line that will be delivered discretely to your home in plain brown packages. Many of you may have heard of Frederick’s of Hollywood. It’s a wonderful little store where you can purchase not only sexy clothes and lingerie but you can also order a snazzy little costume for your sassy woman to slide into.

Imagine her as a Geisha girl or perhaps a policewoman that comes to your door. They are inexpensive and might add a little flavor to your otherwise vanilla moments of rapture. Then again, a raging fire, a bottle of massage oil and a very lit candles might give you a spark. I’ll give you a tempting little piece and see if that gives your imagination a boost.

Mark heard the doorbell and sighed. Who could it be at this hour? Grousing, he set down his beer and headed for the front door. Swinging it open, he was completely unprepared for the vixen standing before him. “Yes, can I help you?” He realized his voice was trembling. Gazing down the length of her, the stunning voluptuous redhead stood in a she-devil costume complete with red fishnet stockings, a long tail and stilettos that showed her curvaceous legs.

“Special delivery,” she cooed, her voice raspy.

“For me?” Mark choked, his heart thumping.

“For one very good boy.” Licking her lips, she tipped her head back as she took her long crimson tail in her hand, swinging it in circle after circle.

The sensuous act not lost on him, he stepped back and blinked furiously, he gaze settling on her rosy nipples that were just peeking out from the tight confines of her corset. “I’m sure you have the wrong house.”

Slowly she smiled and shook her head. “No, I don’t think so. I think I’m in the exact place I need to be.” Stepping inside, she pushed him back with a single finger and kicked the door close. Purring, she inhaled deeply as she fingered the slip of satin that held the corset together.

“, I’m sure you have to wrong place.” Her face hidden behind the mask, he longed to see her. Hell, he longed to taste her.

“No, I don’t.” With a single flick of her hand, she unfurled the string.

Mark panted as she eased her breasts out from the tight confines, her grin full of mischief. “Who…who are you?”

Giggling, she removed her mask as she closed the distance.

“You are so going to get it!” Mark growled.

“Can’t your wife give you a little tease?”

Well, written on the fly, but maybe it gives you a wicked little idea of your own.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

What's your fantasy?

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It's funny, I've been writing for a while now and I never ever thought I was catering to anyone's fantasy.  So on Sunday I was at work chatting with someone over facebook and he quickly pointed out that I was catering to his every fantasy....vat?...really? lil old me??? Seriously, really?

I was so proud. I flailed and the girl sitting beside was like "oi vey!" (No Havan you CANNOT point me on this blog). It was a very pleasant surprise for me. I mean who would have thought there were men like Jose DeLuca out there who love their Bears (well I knew that but like Jose??). Or like Hei from MOLOKAI. The thought of peole living vicariously through my characters is amazing to me but to fantasize about them just really turns me on (grins).

I try to write men who are upstanding--who are a little flawed but aren't morally corrupt. I try to write men who are sexy in their own way not physically but mentally and emotionally.

The purpose of this post is to ask what your fantasies are? What do you love between two men getting all hot and sexy with each other? Tell me here or email me. I have a SONS OF EROS tshirt to give away so if you comment here at the blog, I will for sure pick one person and send them the tshirt.

What is your fantasy? (please keep it legal - thanks lol but seriously...)

Remmy Duchene

Monday, 17 September 2012

Stuck in Porn Mode

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The other day I was talking to this girl I just met. I decided to do some volunteer work at my school and in doing that I have to work with international students from around the world. Seeing that I write Interracial erotica, I figured that's some story ideas right there.  Anyways, I met this girl and she asked me about me. After blushing and trying to come up with something the coolest thing I could think of to say was I write romance. She asked what kind? I said, "the naughty kind". It was her turn to blush then she asked me the same question everyone's been asking me since I started writing Erotica, "Isn't that porn?"

I stared at her, blinking blankly before shaking my head defiantely and saying emphatically, 'No. Porn is the pizza man coming over and you have no money to pay him (or pretend to have no money to pay him) and asking to see his sausage you jump him' I don't write that crap. Sorry. I write hot stories with PLOT. I write stories that have a little something else because I really dislike reading about two people having sex. The truth is if that was what I wanted I could just go to a porn site and sit back with a bag of popcorn and a beer.

But then it got me thinking, similiar to the fact I walked away thinking this girlw as "stuck on stupid" there are a few authors who are stuck in porn. I read quite a lot of erotica. Not to get ideas but just to see what else is out there other than me and to get a feel for people, especially the authors of publishing houses I'd like to submit to at point and I have to say for the most part I was impressed but there are some that just says porn from page one. I deal in reality for the most part and you can't just meet someone today and by tonight you're humping his leg and screaming his name. I mean, who does that? I mean you can but what does that say about you? Those are called one night stands and really, in a book that causes youto escape reality? Why do one night stands when you can have it all?

I remember reading this one book where the first chapter was a sex scene and it goes sex, sex, sex and I remember skimming through the rest of the book, praying there was some plot. If she'd added in a little something extra that book could have been SO much better. I remember being disappointed because it was too much sex and not enough to make me feel as if I was escaping. It was as if she was slapping me in the face with sex (sorry bad mental image there).

All I'm saying is Erotica is so much different than porn. Erotica is sensual. It's being dirty with your man and loving it. It is not just meeting some strange guy and dragging him behind a building. That is porn--and not the good kind.