Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What's Not to Love About a Man with Tattoos?


Oh yeah. I can get all hot and bothered just thinking about that early in the morning. Now you guys know I love hot and dangerous men, right? Well I can’t seem to get enough of them and I think along with the basic persona of a rough-hewn man who’s sexy and sassy and just gives me the shivers. Now for some reason that tends to go with a guy who has tats as well. I don’t know how that works but I’ve found when I put my characters together my guys almost always have some sexy form of body art. And the truth is that creative tattoos are indeed art. I have several friends who create from scratch beautiful pictures they adorn both men and women with. From sexy and sultry to military and dangerous – they’re an extension of where we are creatively inside. Tattoos and body piercings are also almost a mask of sorts allowing us to be who we really want to be behind our outward appearance. A lot of us are forced to hide behind who we are for our careers and family. So we choose to get a little wild.

That being said women also are enjoying getting either a large or small one that’s hidden. I don’t know if it’s about sexual identity or the feeling of being wild but for some women it’s a passage into sharing something that’s just a touch wicked. I love the idea and granted haven’t gotten one yet but the idea is there. I know we’ve all heard that you can’t remove them and a lot of employers don’t want huge pictures adorning arms and legs and other body parts. Well that’s the point – you can have these works of art located in very private locations. And I can assure you a tattoo parlor isn’t like what you’ve seen in horror movies. These places of business are clean and professional and the talented staff trained.

What about body piercings? You ever thought you’d want to give it a try? Men and women have had their ears pierces for years but what about other locations like the navel or your nipples? Or perhaps your tongue? For some I’ve heard that performing certain acts of oral sex is far more stimulating when the giver has their tongue pierced. I can only imagine. Mmmm… for some women and men of course we use nipple clamps in our moments of heated passion, chains attached for tugging – it’s not just about BDSM any longer. For women especially who love the practice, it’s not only a feeling of submitting to a Dom but the slight angst of pain is a very heady aphrodisiac.

Imagine if your nipples were pierced? Not only the feeling of the thin piece of metal scraping against the lace of your bra is sexy to me but envision a chain being attached and your lover pulling on the end during wild sex? Oh yes you can imagine the dichotomy of pain and pleasure, excitement surging through your body allowing the adrenaline to flow as he drives his shaft deep inside – whew. Hot and bothered yet? For many men and women body piercings are simply another extension of kinky and a delicious one at that. Whatever your form of expression the idea of body art has changed and I love the thought of my hot men with both. Yes, there’s another form including clit piercing and a lot of women find that very stimulating in many ways. I think you have to do your research if you’re really interested but again can be sexy and exciting giving you a hint of uninhibited wickedness.    

In creating my m/m characters – there’s no difference for me. My guys tend to have tattoos and ride Harley’s and enjoy a bit of kink. They love their women hard and fast just like they love their lives. I think there’s something so refreshing about a man who can he hard bodied on the outside and yet oh so soft on the inside. What do you think ladies? Yummy today?

Hope you enjoyed and think about getting a little wild and wooly the next time you pass by a tattoo place – you might just have a lot of fun selecting the perfect extension to that wicked wide we all have.

Kisses   xxx




  1. I love tattoos and body modification. As long as it is not too drastic and over the top it is fine with me. I think some men look hotter with tattoos and piercings than other but it is still very sexy.

  2. MMM...I love tattoos also, and some piercings are kinda sexy...