Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What's in a Kiss?


Ah the power of a wonderful kiss. I there truly anything more passionate? I don't think so. I was writing a scene in one of my books yesterday that was so very intimate and so intense that I honestly stepped back and went WHEW. And then I had to smile. The reason for me the moment was so incredible between my characters was because of a kiss, including the look in their eyes, the way they held hands, the gentle touches followed by brushing their lips together and then the moment shared was really heated. I was thinking about some of the most powerful scenes in movies and for me the ones that stick out always include hot, wild and wicked kisses.

Think about your partner. Don't you enjoy the very beginning of making love when he or she is all over you kissing your neck, your cheeks, licking around your mouth and eventually nibbling just enough you moan? Don't you shiver when they continue licking and kissing down until they reach your chest, maybe going a little further and beginning the oh-so-tasty naughty phase? I can tell you that I DO judge a man by the way he kisses. Don't get me wrong, there are times I simply like hard and fast fucking (yes I said the dirty word) but for the most part I want my man to kiss me all over. Whether gentle pecs or intense lips that will drive you into the heart of pleasure, I want it all.

There are days I could sit in front of a fire, drinking wine perhaps and listening to some soulful music, and he and I are doing nothing more than kissing for a full hour. Granted, I KNOW eventually the kissing is going to lead to something much more...shall we say kinky, but we wouldn't be going there without such a bonding session between us. Sometimes I think kissing truly brings couples closer together, not only as lovers but as friends and companions. You've seen the kisses between older couples either on television or on the street and you go "awe". Right? You remember the days you kissed your sexy man for the first time and loved every second of his scent and the sensuous way he held you.

So why aren't you doing more of that today? Are we as couples so damn busy we can't do anything but the light pec on the cheek. You know, "gotta run honey and see ya tonight" kind of kiss. PLEASE. I want more. I crave more. I HAVE to have more. So that's why I judge my man and the way he kisses. His lips are soft, his hands are hungry and the rest of him tells me in no uncertain terms I belong to him.  Mmmm... Getting all hot and bothered just thinking about his sexy kiss. I love the way he tastes and the way his tongue entwines with mine. I love the feel of his arms wrapped around me. Yes. YES!

Can you feel it? Can you remember? It's past time for you to try kissing and little else again. Well, I say that and I know I want more but I need to feel the intimacy with my man and kissing for me gets my jets going full stream. I thought I'd give you a sexy little picture (and yes naysayers it's purchased) to remind you why a kiss is so incredibly moanable. I hope you like and I hope you have plans for tonight...

Kisses   xxx



  1. I think we are too busy to stop and enjoy the simple things in life like a kiss. It is such a beautiful expression of feelings and emotions and I wish people stopped and took the time to show more affection. The photo is beautiful that you posted.

  2. A good kiss can spark a raging fire of desire or if done poorly and without feeling, it can douse the flames of passion. You have described a kiss that could start a forest fire. I just got an erection reading your description of two lovers kissing and bonding. OMG - I love it.

    Not to brag, but I've been told I'm a decent kisser - with full, whipped butter soft lips. Perhaps I can auction off some kisses. Muwah!@