Tuesday, 31 July 2012


A while back, my friend Lee Owens and I wrote a book together. It's called RIPPED APART. We were both going through some stuff so it wound up coming out in the story. Talk about living vicariously through our characters.  But anyways, this blog is about co-authoring.

Co-authoring is not for everyone. If you're selfish, not flexible and just mean--it's definitely not for you. You have to be willing to do what my drama teacher drilled into my head all through University--you have to be willing to say YES to almost everything your partner comes up with.  Just say YES and see where it goes. If you are willing to say yes, you'd be so surprise at the beautiful things you can come up with!

It's hard enough writing by yourself, so why would anyone in their right mind write with someone else? I mean damn, we can barely get along as is. But there is something magnificiently breath-taking about  having the use of two brains for one wonderful product! When I wrote with John Simpson, it was amazing! It was a waiting game, sitting on the edge of my seat, biting my nails to see what was coming next! It's a genuine reaction because you don't know! It's the mystery of it all.

Lee Owens was amazing as well. We would spend hours at Tim Hortons with our labtops and extra batteries, notepads and pens and just wrote. I think we put someone's kids through college with the amount of ice-caps and muffins we bought.

They are so many things you have to worry about with co-authoring. For me, I find you have to worry about people flaking. That's happened to me on so many occassions I've lost count.  Find people you TRUST not to flake. At the end of the day if they flake, there isn't much you can do. You can't use the story unless you have a signed contract that says if one person flake the other can use the whole story. Other than tht you basically have to go through and discard all the bits from the other person and lord knows no one has that kind of time and for me the patience.  You then have to worry about contracts and agreeing on edits and agreeing on covers...Hence why you can't be hard, unflinching and mean. This is not just YOUR work--its the work of all the authors involved.

It's not all cake and coffee....if you're not allergic to coffee.

With technology today, you can write a book with someone from anywhere in the world. With google docs, and MSN Skydrive and a whole slew of other programs. You can have access to your file at anytime together! The beauty of google docs is you can be in there at the same time, chatting and seeing what's written!

Pick your writing partner carefully:

  1. Pick someone you trust. There's nothing worse than a wishy-washy person who starts out writing, it starts getting good then the person disappears. Do NOT find your writing partner on kijiji or craigslist--it's not worth the aggravation.
  2. Make sure you both have access to the file at all times so it's backed up. Google Docs is amazing for writing together but it sucks for formatting. I would suggest just use google doc as a back up and send each other word files back and forth.
  3. Before you start writing, set out the rules and stand by them.  No incest, no grose-icks. Decide between genres then sweet/sensual/erotic/bdsm. There's nothing worse than writing and you want to go scald-your-skin-hot and your partner wants to go behind-closed-door-loveys. Then what do you do?
  4. Do not restrict story ideas.  Say YES to everything (within reason). Be open.
  5. Check in with each other from time to time. Phone calls, facebook, emails, skype, msn, yahoo messenger...take time to talk to each other.
  6. Edits---oh the dreaded E word. First round of edits, USE TRACK CHANGES ALL THE TIME! It sucks having someone edit and you have NO clue what they did. Edit your sections first, the bits that you wrote. Then go through an ensure everything flows and there are no spelling errors. Do not edit your partner's bits at the first round. You cannot read your partner's mind and know what is supposed to be there.
Here's one co authored piece I got done and it was amazing!

One act of violence, is enough to shatter a love that should have lasted a life time.

One act of violence sends Colby Master's life spiralling out of control and sends his lover Leo Giofranco from his life. It took a year of healing to give Colby some time to come to his senses but is he too late? Has he hurt Leo too much to be forgiven? Wiill Colby be able to make amends or has Leo moved on?

This is on Amazon!

I hope this helps you...

Remmy Duchene

Monday, 30 July 2012

The Age of the "Gentleman"

Hi all!

It is *looks at calendar* Monday again! Hope your day is going amazingly or depending on what time you read this, has gone amazingly. Today, I'm going to talk about the Age of the "Gentleman".

What do I mean by this? I often times watch older men--men who grew up during the crazy sixties or the insane seventies or even as far back as the times our grand parents grow up in and they are Gentlemen. Not gentle as in, soft, and mouse-ie. But real men. Men who opens the door for a woman, who would get up on the bus and give a woman his seat or at least ask if she wished to sit down--the men who believes in "women and children first" during SAFE situations.

I realized the other day as I sat on the bus that these days are so dead.

I was sitting in the back and normally the front six seats are facing each other so it is easier to lift for a wheelchair or persons in a scooter or that kind of thing. They are labled PRIORITY SEATING and it also says "you may be asked to vacate these seats for a disabled person or a senior." It says it!  Anywho, I'm sitting in the back,  headphones on as usual, listening to some tunes and just people watching. The guys come in and the young ones rush to the back--the ones in high school and the like. But the guys from the college I go to, come in and they sit in the Priority Seating.
Image from "Shame2Dame"
If there's no one there to sit there fine but when we got two stops later and an older woman got on the bus, she looked to be in her seventies, you would expect these young men to get up and allow her the seat.  Why did the bus driver have to stop the bus get up and yell at them before they even get up?

How sad is that?  They are young, presumably intelligent so there was no reason for them not to know that a woman getting on the bus, at that age probably needed the seat more than they did. I never understood how grown men could at like such fools sometimes.

My parents expects me to picka husband from these fools?

How does this correlate to romance and erotica? Simple.

I write men who are no fools. They are sometimes hurt but never in a million years would any of my men not get up and offerh is seat.  They aren't perfect--not by any stretch of the word, they have their idiot moments or their brain-fart moments but they always give due consideration to the welfare of women and children. Not that I'm saying women can't do for themselves, we totally can! It's just sometimes, especialyl if you're single, try and be nice to us. Because as they say, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

I heard a while ago someone was bashing the men in romance novels as too sweet. But seriously, we're writing manuals for these men of what we want in them and men are pushing the books away as "gay" or "not manly"

Tigra-Luna LeMar

Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Perfect Man?

When you meet someone new, what do you look at first?

Common enough question right? So, let’s say you’re meeting someone new, or a whole lot of someone’s. And your eyes go where? The hair, the forehead, the nose, the eyes, maybe the neck? What part of the human body do your eyes love the most? What attributes jump starts your Corazon? What part of the human body makes you forget where you’re at and causes your shut off filter to well…shut off? 

Okay, I’ll be the first to answer since I brought it up. When I meet someone new the very first thing I look at, are the arms. I swear to you! My eyes go like this: His arms, across the chest, up to his neck, his eyes, and then his head… hair or not, I find a lot of bald guys sexy as all get out. Then my eyes do another sweep of the eyes and to the smile, the lips, his nose, and I kid you not…they do this on their own, I’m a follower here, they travel to his crotch! What I want to know is why it takes them so long to get that far? They linger a bit, up and down each leg, back to the crotch, try to decide what side the uh…where his uh…you know! Where it’s at. Then my eyes speed back up to look him in his eye and then I say hi and introduce myself. All of this happens in a matter of seconds. With age comes experience. Ha!

So, what does the perfect guy look like to me? Well, I couldn’t find a picture of him anywhere online. How sad is that? I mean wow, he should be but alas. (Tells you the perfect guy isn’t so perfect after all huh?) But in my mind here he is: 

1.       He stands at six one, six two
2.       He has dark hair OR no hair
3.       He has dark eyes
4.       Olive skin toned--tats are fine as long as they are tasteful.
5.       Broad chest (nipple rings are good too)
6.       Nice sized arms, not too big, not too small
7.       A fantastic smile that goes from his mouth to his eyes (and I don’t mind character lines)
8.       A low, sensual, soothing, suggestive, alpha voice (don’t ask what the alpha voice sounds like…ha! I went over that last week.)

And do you have the perfect man in your vision? One that makes your heart fall to your feet?

Music--soothes the Troubled writer

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! Can you believe the week is over already? I mean come on! Well it could be worse! It could be Monday! lol...Today I'm here to talk about music. Because alot of people think we write and we're just amazing off the first try but sometimes we don't feel like writing. Still we write because we have deadlines and those dreaded things do not play around.

The mood to write strikes whenever it wants. Other times you just write and hopefully something good and profound happens.  When those moments hit, I sit on the ground before my bed and dragged the large crate of CDs I own from under the bed and skim through it.  You can' just use any song--that won't work. You have to figure out the mood you're in and shove it out the window. Then find the mood you want to be in--yes even THAT mood and dig through your music. Most of you aren't as archaic as me so you probably don't have CDs but I do. Use whatever you have, find the music that will put you in that mood and use it.

When I want to write a particularly sexy, sensual scene, I listened to things like Robin Thicke, Blake McGrath, Janet Jackson.  For angry I listen to anything Metallica, most AC/DC, Puddle of Mud. When I want soft, sweet I do Michael Bolton, Steaphnie Mills--see what I mean? 

Different music gives you different things.

What music do you write to?

Kendra Mei Chailyn

Friday, 27 July 2012

Yummies and Funnies...

So...I woke up this morning with my pillow on the floor across the room...the kitteh sleeping on my blanket missing...and my head on the wrong side of the bed.


Needless to say I must have had a freaking real good time while I was dreaming...*giggling*

Soooooooooo...since I'm running late doing everything today *heads desk*...I'm gonna post some yummies and maybe a funny and promise you something spectacular next week...or at least a good facsimile of something spectacular...hehe

Now those ones up there *looks up and smirks* are conducive to some good wet tangle you up in your sheets and lick your fingers clean dreams...but this one here...*looks down and shudders*...well that just isn't right! *eye roll giggling*
...and now for...
A test to see if you are in the right place *winks*...

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Write Me A Letter...

© Photographer: Steven Brandt | Purchased from Agency:

Do you remember a time when computers didn't exist? Cell phones were something we barely even knew about. Text messages? Huh..Yeah those were times that most of us don't remember since we have grown up with technology all around us.

One press of a button and we can email, pay bills, get concert tickets and the list goes on.

What about the times before cell phones and technology? People use to talk face to face and meet us to connect. People even wrote letters, yes real letters.

Relationships use to thrive on lovers sending emotional heartfelt letters professing their love written in their own handwriting. I would have loved writing a letter to my love, expressing my feelings and my desires in the pages. There is still something romantic about writing a letter.

I think now with the abundance of technology we have we've lost touch with the simple  things. People rarely now take the time to write a personal letter, or send a a card.

Everything is now emails, text messages, social networks and more..I miss getting a card or a letter in the mail. I try to still write letters and send cards to people as an extra thank you or to brighten up their day.

I find doing that is that little personal touch and most people don't expect to get them. I hate texting people to say Happy Birthday because something gets lost in the sentiment of a text.

So tell me, do you like getting cards and letters in the mail? Do you still write letters and or cards?

Stay naughty,

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ah Pictures...The Bane of a Writer


Since when did they become such a nightmare? Is this the death of certain creativity as we know it? Hmmm... I am in a reflective mood this morning. Well recently there has been a hell of a lot of hubub about authors getting sued for using pictures in blogs, on Pinterest and in other locations. Well... Okay so we certainly don't want our stories used for marketing ideas and not given credit so I can certainly understand. However suddenly there is this rash of authors pulling every picture they've had down from any and every location. Being a writer and trying to create not just a written word erotic aura or painting a picture around what I am writing, I've certainly snagged and used sexy pics of HOT men, alluring locations and others in my blogs etc.

Pinterest is also one of the guilty pleasures. You can either grab something from a website (and pinning it does list the source) or upload pictures and while you're NOT supposed to put any nudes on the site - Have you seen them? Heck, I consider myself a wicked girl and yet some of them give me more than just a little bit of pause. So authors have been taking down all their boards and wiping out pictures from their blogs. I don't know... Can you purchase pictures from reputable sites for inclusion in everything from your blogs to the use in book trailers or on covers? Of course you can, but I can tell you that the concept can either get pricey or you can have trouble finding what you're looking for.

You can find some sexy models and some intimacy BUT, and a huge but here, there are so many of the same models used I'm growing sick to death or seeing this one blond and this one dark haired guy on like a bazillion covers. How about you? Then just try TRY to find any black men who look sexy and not as gangsters and you scour the ends of the earth. I write a heck of a lot of interracial AND I find black men sexy. Why can't I find any?  Hmm.... Okay, how about homosexual or lesbian couples? What you find are two people holding hands and the occasional chaste kiss. BORING.

We as women want HOT pics of men and sexy situations. I want chocolate being draped down over a man's body with her tongue licking in very "strategic" locations. I want BDSM pics where there is the understanding of domination and submission as well as the kink. I want some cowboys who leave little to the imagination. I want sultry vacation locations where the couple is frolicking under water. I want the allure of her removing her panties and him gazing longingly. I want... Okay, so I want a lot but why aren't their sites out there where you can find these kind that aren't located on every single one of them? Heck, I have accounts at Shutterstock and Dreamstime, 123rtf and Depositstock. I scour the Internet like a vulture trying to find photographers where I can actually AFFORD to purchase some pictures (you know I make millions writing books, right?)

Guess what - if they exist I must not be looking in the right location and GOD knows I don't mean porn guys. I want artistic and beautiful and hopefully reasonable in cost. Writers are creating a beautiful scene and to that end, we enjoy giving the reader an entire adventure. If you know of any other locations dear friends that might help a group of hungry writers out there, let me know. You can either post on here or leave me an email at  I'd love to know...

So today feels like the death of blogs and fun sites as we know it. To that end I'm giving you a few sexy pics I PURCHASED. Eh...they work but grow boring after awhile too. Back to writing and creating in a new way...

Kisses   xxx


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Can I Touch There?

Tuesday is upon us and while we here in Toronto fight the cra-cra heat wave, I try to stay cool but its really hard when I write erotica.  I  mean think about it. I have to battle with different kinds of sexy from clothes ripping, tied-up, spanking the booty kind of sexy, to sitting on a park-bench while making out kind of sexy.

The rough kind isn't a bad thing. I mean sometimes you don't want to be made love to. You want your hair pulled, dirty talkin', roughed up against the wall kind of sex. You want it wild, screaming, grunting, sweaty and in the gutter.  Come on, admit it, we all know what you're thinking.  

Other times--you want sweet, caresses, soft kisses. You want kind words and bodies writhing to the beat of lightning flashing outside the window.   Remember when Michael Bolton's "Can I Touch You There?" was vulgar?  I remember. When I was little and first heard this song, I couldn't stop giggling. I mean, can he touch me where, exactly?




Then I got older and music became a much bigger part of my life.  Think about it, there's a song for every mood you can think of. You name the emotion and I could probably google a song that goes with that mood.  But the older I got, the more I paid attention to the lyrics and found this song so unbearably sexy in the most sensual, delicious kind of way.

This is not really the video, the real video is in Vevo and it refuses to work through Blogger but just listen to the song.  It's even better if you lay in the dark, turn off all your lights and lie on your back, close your!

But see what I mean? Sexy can be soft and kind and sometimes, we all need soft and kind.

Have a lovely week!
Remmy Duchene

Monday, 23 July 2012

A F/F Lick...

Terry stared at Eli across the top of the small freezer.  They'd pulled it from the wall to see if Terry's cellphone had fallen behind. Eli did not look happy. She stood with her hands rested on her hips, her brown eyes blazing and her lips set in a determined line.  

"You don't understand!" Eli shook her head. "You've never understood. You go around trying to save the damn world all the time. What about me?"

"What about you? I'm here, aren't I?"

"Ugh! You make me so mad! You are so damn blind."

Terry pushed some air out the mouth and took a deep breath. "I don't know what else you want from me."

Eli reached over across the freezer, grabbed Terry by the front of the shirt and tugged.  With a yelp, Terry fell on the top of the freezer but didn't have time to argue for Eli's mouth was over hers and their tongues were already struggling for supremacy.  Shock turned to pure joy which morphed into passion and a wild urge to dominate.  Terry pulled away and pressed her back into the wall, eyeing Eli.

"What the hell?" Terry panted.

"Now do you see, Ter? Now do you see what I really want from you?"

"I'm no good in a relationship right now, Eli. I can't..."

"Who said I wanted a relationship? All I want is a good fuck--obviously you're not willing."

"But..." Terry's eyes bulged.

"What? You're not up for it? Tell me now, Terry," Eli said while stalking around one side of the freezer.  

Terry hurried around the other side. She felt stalked, and turned on.

"Tell me you don't want to feel these tits in your hands, my hot, wet pussy on your tongue."

"Oh shit, Eli...." Terry gasped.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sexy Sultry Voices

Gives me the shivers. As in whole body shivers. Starts at the top of my head and rushes right to the tips of my toes. ( Not that it’s a long way or anything like that. I’m only 5ft but hey if I were taller I’d pass out due to the shivers!) I can’t explain how certain voices have that effect on me, just the sultry passionate low voice fills my head with need. Sexual innuendo there. 

I’m drawn to very alpha type men, and if they have a voice that’s somewhat low with a tint of an accent, soothing, one that’s nearly dripping with passion… I’m a goner. That’s all there is to it. He can speak and I’d stop in my tracks, look into his eyes and do backward flips if that’s what he asked for. A voice that can bring me right over the edge is what I’m talking about. 

And when asked why I get frazzled out and my brain short circuits, all I can say is… Shiver. I know some are attracted to real deep voices perhaps dripping with a thick accent, and others to a higher voice. Who knows why? Maybe its something in our hearing? Our minds? Our something’s. Why over analyze it? It is what it is. It’s the way we’re wired. 

I’ve been asked if a man’s voice is able to bring me to the brink of orgasm. Of course I blushed! Who wouldn’t? I’ll answer by saying, I plead the fifth. Okay, for those of you who really don’t know me, I’m somewhat sexual. I of course don’t speak about my sex life, because that’s private information. However, I will say that toys and voices have a lot to do with “Oh happy days, Oh happy days…” Well you get the picture.

Eyes are another thing. Good Lord in heaven. A man with green eyes, or black ones, even gray ones. Add that to the voice and I’m a goner. It’s just like in the books I write. Once the men are in the mode, all the blood travels south. I dunno where mine goes but it affects my voice box. All I can do is nod. Have you seen “Young Guns?” Dermot Mulroney and Casey Siemaszko are watching Emilio Estevez from behind that wall and Casey’s character says something about “he’s not all there is he?” and Dermont’s character says something along the lines of uh huh uh huh.” That’s me. 

By the way, that Dermot Mulroney? OMG. Have you seen that man? He’s one sexy 40 plus year old man. WoW! 


So, sexy voice, lovely deep meaningful eyes, about 6’2, 235-240 lbs, black hair… Yes, that’s my order so… I’ll be waiting. 


If you find him? Send him over. 



Saturday, 21 July 2012

Prague in the Rain - Create! Muahahaha---erm...Create!

I think my mother gave me the BEST advice when it comes to writing. "Don't complicate it. Write what you know. And no one knows how you feel better than you. So, write what you feel."

When I write it is because things around me inspired me to do so. From a sexy biker speeding down the street on a Kawasaki ninja, to a quick bus ride past a firehouse, or a siren or a quick walk to Bluffers park to watch the water.  No matter what, I try to take inspiration from everywhere and everyone.  Ever character I write has a little bit of me and others in them. 

Bluffers park add the sweetness, the softness, the gentleness in my stories.  The biker adds the sensual feels, the ripping of clothes, the hunting of a lover. The siren adds the anger and danger in my work. 
Prague in the Rain

You care creative when you look at a picture and get this overwhelming urge to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and create. The picture above inspired my new story Paradise Found - to which I still have to write the blurb. There is something about this picture that tells me about heartbreak. It tells me of being lost and found again. I know, you may not see the same thing I see in a picture--that is why it is worth a thousand words.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this--take inspiration from everything around you. The bad, the good, the indifferent.  Open yourself up to the people around you, the happenings around you, the languages, the colours--take it all in.  Then, when you feel like you can't hold anymore, put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and create!

Once you've created, go out and start all over again.

Kendra Mei Chailyn (Kadian Tracey)

Friday, 20 July 2012

Here's Fuzzy...

It's here It's here!!!! The Fuzzy has landed...*giggles* My third and final book in the Synchronous Seductions trilogy is now available for keeps...True, this may be the third book—but don't you worry your pretty little head, you don't have to read them in order to enjoy the halibut outta them...*big smiles*

If you go to my blog Havan's Heavenly Haven, I'm having a contest to give away 2 copies of Geoff's today and one next week.

Here is a little taste of Geoff and Fuzzy...hope you enjoy...oh, and the hotties are some of the pics that helped inspire the story... :)

Geoff's Teddy

Fuzzy is an unsatisfied ladies' man. Geoff's a bear-loving man who satisfies. Problem? Convincing a straight man that satisfaction might be just around the bend.

Overall Fuzzy has a good life. He loves his family & friends, he enjoys his job and he never hurts for a date. The ladies seem to love the furry Fuzzy -- so why does he feel like he's missing out? And why does a surprise dinner with a strange man interest him more than a flirty hot waitress?

Geoff knows who he is and what he's after. He's searching for a big hairy man to wrap around him. But none have been right -- until he's manipulated into dinner with Fuzzy. Tall and broad, Fuzzy claims he lives up to his name. Everything that Geoff wants in a boyfriend. Except Fuzzy is straight.

When an opportunity arises -- Fuzzy is obliged to crash at Geoff's for the night -- Geoff works his derriere off to see what else he can make arise. Because he's determined to capture this Fuzzy wuzzy all for himself.

You can find Geoff's Teddy @ Breathless Press

Geoff wanted to retract his words. Had he just offered to be Fuzzy's Gay for Dummies guide? Did his brain not work properly around this bear? He couldn't possibly talk to this man about sex without sporting the biggest boner in the world. Talk about bad, bad ideas! The worst!
On the other hand, he couldn't help smiling and wondering just what Fuzzy would ask. By the look on Fuzzy's face, Geoff doubted he could even think of anything anyway.
"It's just a suggestion, but if you aren't comfortable enough to ask me any questions—"
"I don't want you to think I'm an ass or something." Fuzzy mumbled his words so softly they were barely audible.
"Throw a question at me."
Geoff noted that Fuzzy hadn't met his gaze at all since rising from the floor. In fact he seriously studied the two men on the television. Geoff had almost died of humiliation when he realized what channel he had left the TV on. Now he considered it a blessing in disguise.
"Okay." Fuzzy's soft voice caused Geoff to focus again. "They both seem to enjoy it." Fuzzy addressed Geoff while nodding at the entertainment they inadvertently partook of.
Huh? "Well, if you're not enjoying sex, then there's a good possibility you might be doing something wrong."
"Never mind." Fuzzy's neck turned red in embarrassment, and Geoff immediately realized his mistake.
He scooted closer to Fuzzy and put a hand on his arm. "Sorry. There's a malfunction with my brain to mouth filter half the time. The good news, you'll always know what I'm thinking. The bad news, you'll always know what I'm thinking." He chuckled to lighten the mood. "So, we both agree they're enjoying themselves. Your question?"
Fuzzy took in a deep breath but still didn't turn his head toward Geoff. If staring ahead helped Fuzzy through this conversation Geoff could handle that. Because he really wanted inside Fuzzy's head, all puns intended. Could this mean something? Or did Geoff's own desires put possibilities out there that didn't exist?
"I'm not an idiot. I get the mechanics of what they're doing, but shouldn't it hurt?"
The mechanics? Oh wow, Geoff almost didn't have anything to say to that.
"First, what they're doing is having sex. It's okay to say the word. You don't have to refer to the act as 'it' all the time. Second, the pain level depends on the preparation you do beforehand. Also, if you have a partner who's only interested in getting his rocks off, then yeah, that tends to land on the not good side."
"Preparation? You mean butt plugs?"
Geoff had to remind himself that Fuzzy wasn't a blushing virgin, even if he kind of fell into that category in this situation. "Well, yeah, that's one way of doing it. I own a few myself. They are good for masturbation. But that's not my favorite way."
"What's your favorite way?"
"I like my lover to stretch me. I like his fingers inside me getting me ready. It's more of a connection. In my opinion, if he wants to take the time to relax me properly, then he cares about both of our pleasure and not just his."
"So you let someone stick their fingers up your, um…"
"Ass? Yeah, that's where the action will happen, so that's a good place to begin." Geoff patted himself on the back for not laughing out loud.
"But doesn't it seem weird letting someone touch you there?"
God save me from newbies. Now he understood why Fuzzy hesitated to ask his questions. He guessed vocalizing some of them without seeming either insensitive or downright rude might trip him up. "Does it seem weird when you touch a woman's pussy?"
The red on Fuzzy's neck darkened. "That's different."
Fuzzy finally tore his eyes from the television screen and studied him. "Well, because, um…" His voice wavered off, and Geoff supposed he contemplated the question seriously. "I guess no, not so different, huh?"
Geoff wondered if it was wrong to want to do a happy dance. He'd gotten through the first roadblock. Unfortunately, another one always waited around the bend.
"What does it feel like when someone" —Fuzzy took a breath before continuing— "when someone stretches you?"
Welcome to the next roadblock.
Geoff searched his mind for the perfect words to describe that sensation. Words that would appeal to Fuzzy. He had to get this right because honestly, one half of his mind had begun plotting when the conversation turned down this road. If he played it right, if God truly existed, if Fuzzy labeled himself bi-curious—or more—maybe, just maybe, this could turn into a show-and-tell instead of just tell.
"It's a connection that's not easily surpassed. In my opinion, it's as intimate as a good kiss or actual penetration. Someone taking the time to make sure you enjoy the moment as much as they will. Talk about heady stuff. But I don't believe that's what you meant by feel, you meant the physical feelings not emotional, correct?"
Fuzzy simply nodded, the acknowledgement Geoff waited for. He knew that's what Fuzzy wanted all along but had seized the opportunity to verbalize what an act like this meant to him.
"Well, a burning sensation, but if done properly, it shouldn't hurt as much as you would assume. Also, if you're distracted in the right way during the stretching, well, so much the better."
"It doesn't hurt?"
Geoff searched around for a hard object to bang his head on. "Tell me. Exactly how curious are you about this subject?"
Fuzzy eyed him warily. "What do you mean?"
"How about a little round of show rather than tell?"

And a test to see if you are in the right place hehe...

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Baby I Can Go All Night Long

So lately I've been getting a ton of messages from men on Facebook and other social network sites who are trying to hook up.I don't mean like hey baby how you doin? No, not even close.

It's more of the I am 6 feet tall or whatever and I've got a good looking body.. They usually try to compare themselves to some young hot A list actor before they continue telling me how they look and what skills in bed they have.

Really? Do you think if you compare yourself to some A list actor that will make me want toy rip off my clothes and run to you naked so I can have the most dirties, kinkiest sex with you?

Or even telling me that you can go all night long and pleasure a woman in the most amazing way is going to make you more hot in my eyes...

Really, you think that?

Oh but wait till I tell you more..
One of my latest requests came from some random guys who discovered my BDSM side and he's asking me to do the most kinkiest things to him that you could ever think about.

Just because I'm into the lifestyle doesn't mean my door is open and I've got a neon sign saying open for business. You are so sadly mistaken.

So about these requests that I get....Most of the guys never forget to tell me just how long their junk I really want to know..
It don't matter how big or long your junk is...If you don't know what to do with it you need to figure it out. Or if you are going to hurt yourself with it, again figure it out...

Yes you read that right...

What ever happened to the old pick up line...

"That's a nice shirt. Can I talk you out of it?"

I'm getting messages almost every other day or at least 3 times a week.
Sorry but the whole "Baby I Can Go All Night Long" line won't work. So not interested...not even close.

I know I'm not the only one who has messages like this..So come on spill it, tell me about some of the messages you've gotten.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

How Sexy Is Too Sexy?

Isn't that a sexy little question? It's Cassandre Dayne and I've been having some frank conversations with other writers about all the sexy and rather sensuous posts we do on blogs - our own, our fan pages, other guest blogging etc. We try as erotic romance writers to bring attention to ourselves and one way is to be a little sexy, perhaps stretch the boundaries. But how much is too much? I know the term braZen means to some maybe REALLY out there but can we push too hard and turn people off? Hmm... I think we can. How do I know that?

Well, we all know the Facebook police exist but not just with the sometimes worthless ways the "staff" handle complaints who do work for Facebook. Let's face it -- they can't check everything out. They react. So I can only get but so angry with them. However there are groups of people on FB that actually target artists and writers with pictures - even ones they simply have buried in a group of photos. Yes, you've heard me say before how much that pisses me off, but you honestly have to think... Being a published author is indeed about reputation. For those who know me really get that I push hard back against the backlash of what I call STUPID.

But there again - I have to be careful. I call myself the wicked girl and a couple of dear friends of mine finally said - STOP. You play at that but the girl inside is different. True. I post pictures and HOT HOT HOT flashes and continue to have folks as (especially men) do I do all the wild and wooly things I write about?  Ummm.... NO. Do I do some? Only people REALLY close to me will ever hear the fine details. LOL  But this is about posting pictures and writing. I'm learning that what offends me isn't what offends others - to each their own. Granted - sick to DEATH of the lack of tolerance but we as authors do have to be careful. I'll post a few pics and you tell me if they are too much.

I love writing sexy and I love posting sexy pictures and that's not going to stop. I do think tempering what we post to encourage more readers is the way to go. I'll be the very first person to stand up and say  - patience and tolerance or you're out of my life but... To each their own. Tell me your thoughts...

Kisses   xxx