Friday, 24 August 2012

Captcha and I'm Outta Here...

I like blogging. The writing of blog posts can be tedious—yes it is true...but blogging on a reading level...jumping around the internet at the EDJ (evil day job) and reading up on other authors and laughing or sighing or grunting or know what? That's freaking fun! I love reading about what other people are up to, how they are feeling, the secrets that they deem worthy of sharing.

Blog reading is a great pastime and learning experience. Some blogs I'll never go back to again...some I can't visit while at work (those are the ones with the yummies posted that you better believe I note and go to visit in the sanctuary of my home hehe)...and some are absolute every day must stop by places.

And after I read a particularly interesting blog—whether it made me laugh or think or scowl—I like commenting.

Now, from the POV (point of view) of a blog writer...I really really appreciate comments. Whether they are positive or negative—it shows me that I wrote something that someone somewhere feels it necessary to throw in their 2 cents...and since their 2 cents is usually worth so much more I say do it. It makes me feel good.

With that knowledge in hand I think it is safe to say that other blog writers would appreciate my 2 cents being tossed in their cup as well...right? So on blogs that get me—I like to comment. Show the author that hey...this was such-and-such and I just had to give you my little bit in a comment.

Then I go to the next blog...unless I've been BLOG BLOCKED!!! Aka CAPTCHA CAUGHT!!! Oh damn...I wanted to write a comment but that freaking captcha pop up is killing me! *heads desk*
So I have to fill out the captcha AND you
are going to moderate my comment???

I am so sick and tired of fulfilling the captcha Gods needs—I'm telling you it actually makes me not comment on certain blogs sometimes. Especially when they are so hard to read I have to squint and tilt my head while fondling myself and tapping my foot. WTF is all that about?

Why...if I want you to comment
should you 'prove' anything?
As the blog writer I have a responsibility to the reader to make commenting an easy enjoyable experience—or else they won't do it. I've just attested to that. If I want to make sure that monkey and machines aren't spamming my blog—that is my responsibility...not the commenter's. An easy solution is to put the blog on moderation...the visitor can make their comment and hit submit—it goes to my email box and I approve or disapprove it and it gets published. I guarantee you if a monkey or robot typed it out I'd like to think I'll notice and will delete the comment.

Oh email box will get spammed with comments now. Well darn on me—I'm the one asking people to comment on my blog I'm the one that will deal with that. It takes a whole second or two to take care of them...and I'll tell you the truth, since I've gone to moderation instead of captcha I've received more comments.

I need glasses after trying to read this one...
If you are going through a blog hop or a Six Second Sunday or Tease Me Tuesday or Wacked out Wednesday and you have to type in a dozen captcha phrases...are you going to? neither...

So do me a favor...just a few minutes of your time...and think about the pros and cons of those stupid captcha phrases—think about if you are losing comments because they are annoying the crap outta normally sweet and docile people...

Yeah...I gave up on the # part here...really...
*heads desk*
*looks around...leans forward...whispers* if there is a captcha that is keeping you from commenting...give me a holla and I'll go attack the powers that be...hehe...they like it when I grope them something good...*giggles*

Did you see how easy it was to read my blog...until BAM! I mine-fielded it with captchas? *heads desk giggling my assets off* Yeah...I'm easy to amuse sometimes...lmao

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*blows kisses*


  1. The only positive thing I can say about a CAPTCHA is sometimes they are darned funny and eerily apropos. Great post!

    1. OMG - I know what you mean...lmao...sometimes it's like the captcha knows what your response will be and forms one in

  2. I was lamenting them today! Sometimes I have to try 3 or 4 times before I get one right and when I finally do, I'm surprised!! Great post!

    1. Yeah - I'm sure I typed in the wrong thing but then it goes through and I'm staring at it thinking really? That's what it really was? lol

  3. I hate it..Half the time you can't even understand what it says. I have people tell me they give up on commenting because of all the trouble.

    1. Unfortunately I've already admitted that I've ditched commenting on something because of it...*rests head on Savannah's shoulder* I'm a bad bad blog hopper