Friday, 31 August 2012

Confessions of my Love Affair...

I admit...I've got a problem. I'm not talking about the handcuffs that are a part of my everyday jewelry (and that's for me to know...hehe)...I'm talking about my obsession and sworn allegiance to...

No...I'm not ending sentences on a cliffhanger to make you continue reading...*giggles* The answer was in the sentence above...let's recap...
I'm talking about my obsession and sworn allegiance to...

Yeah...those damn ellipses...they can tie me up and lick me down and redden my assets and I'll still come back and ask for more...I am well and truly their bitch...*covers mouth...eyes widen*
Now I've gotten some slack for the way I type...some *waves hand in air* shall we say negative feedback? Why must I use ellipses...or dashes (any kind of dash—I'm an equal opportunity dasher baby) while I'm simply chit chatting...why do I do so many stage directions *gasps* while I am typing? Why...why—why *heads desk giggling*
Because...I like it like that...ha!
Well that...and the fact that I'm Italian and if you ever meet me in person you will see I'm huge on talking with my hands. While I'm driving I have to constantly be reminded that hands belong on the steering wheel—not waving and splaying and air spanking...evidently that is bad...lmao
But when I'm typing—whether it is here on a blog...or on Facebook (and oh boy am I addicted to that place *face palm*)...or chatting with friends—I'm always using ellipses, dashes and stage directions. It's a way for me to express my personality through simple words...a way to show you that I'm pausing for dramatic effect (I do love being me on this or to allow my mind to split off on different tangents while still staying in the same conversation (a personal fave of mine daddy used to say that talking to me was like watching words shoot out of my mouth and having to string them together to keep up with my thought process *innocent smile*) and evidently I'll add parenthesis to my growing love affair...*heads desk giggling* I allow this to run on over into my professional writing? Hmmm...sure, to a certain extent. I know I have to be careful of my ellipse and dash usage in my WIPs...otherwise my editor will have a thing or two to say to I think I overcompensate with commas...
I will go on record right now as saying I do NOT have a love affair with's more of a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am type of relationship only when I'm soon as the editing starts they storm off all huffy puffy with plans to ravage me again when a new WIP crosses my mind...those sneaky little freakers...hehe
Now...for anyone who knows me (and at least partially loves/likes me...*eye roll*) they know that my true Dom...the one that can really make me kneel and beg for ellipses...
*rereads blog post and sighs* and evidently I'm not gonna get over this affair anytime soon...*winks and giggles*

 And a few random announcements...
I'm freaking squee'g my delectable derriere off...Geoff's Teddy was at last check #16 on All Romance e-books...can you believe it??? This is the third in my Synchronous Seductions series and I can't be happier...check it out if you have a moment...
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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Crash and Burn

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So a few days ago my friend and I were talking and after updating her computer her programs wouldn't open anymore. After searching and trying to re install everything it turned out that the actually update was the culprit and it messed up the system. Since she didn't have a physical copy of the program and purchased it offline she ended up loosing it. 

I've actually had that happen a few times. I never knew that installing updates could damage software you already had on your pc..I even had it mess up files to the point where they were unrecoverable.

After having gone through a crash and burn, corrupted flash drive I've learned the hard way to back up everything. I need physical copies of software because I always worry what if.

I've had nightmares where I lost a whole book because of a system glitch or corruption if files. When I say nightmares I mean this actually happened. One thing I did fairy early is invest in an external drive and made sure to back up everything. Multiple times, just in case. 

I know now there are cloud systems and other things to back up files online but I guess I'm still old style. 

I think with the advanced technology we have one would think there were ways to keep out files and programs safe even during system updates. 

I honestly felt bad for my friend since the software she lost was something she needs to work. She had tried to re-install it from the download link she got with the purchase but that was not happening because the updates were interfering with re downloading it. So now she had to reset her system and the wait starts. If that doesn't work she will be left with having to repurchase the program all over. So not cool. 

So I want to know, have you ever had this happen? If not what computer nightmare's have plagued you. 

stay naughty,

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Take time for YOU!

My father always says if you don't have anything to say, don't force it. Let it go. So last week I had nothing to say so I didn't blog about anything. This week I have tons to say and I hope you take heed. Before I do that I have to do shamelss plugs for my books Second Time Around and Jose's Surrender. Both books are no available. Second Time Around is from Rebel Ink Press and Jose's Surrender is book 4 in my Sons of Eros series with Silver Publishing. They are available wherever you buy your Remmy yumminess.

Now, onward to what I would like to say today. So often in our lives we go about letting everything consume us.   For me its my fight to finish school, get work and a place of my own.  Add to that my writing, my bid to have some form of a social life and all that good stuff, my days becomes a dim blur and my nights are filled with nightmares and dreams that make no earthly sense.  I get really tired these days because I do way too much at times. My friend Jade yells at me often because I keep seemingly biting off more than I can chew often times and it worries her. My best friend thinks I am insane because I just picked up on script writing again.
So why am I saying all of this to you? Most of us love having our own things. We love being independent. But sometimes we take this push to become more than we are or more than our parents are/were.  Then it becomes almost like an obsession. We are afraid of failure so we work too hard, party too hard, we focus on everyone else too hard.  We often times forget that we need to listen to our bodies. Though sometimes when our bodies tell us "I'm tired. Please stop. Stop making me do stuff!" We see that as weakness so we push our bodies pass tolerable situations. When we hit the wall he push, fight, shove through the wall adding more stress and tear to our souls. Sometimes when our bodies say to us "I'm tired. Pease stop. Stop making me do stuff" we keep going because we don't want to seem lazy, or lacadasical.
The truth is, often when our bodies say "I'm tired. Please stop. Stop making me do stuff" we ought to listen.  We should stop, take a breath, lean against a fence with the sun setting and lick an ice-cream. Don't like ice-cream? (what kind of person don't like ice-cream? That shiz is delicious!) Then just take a moment to laze about, stare at the sky, throw rocks into a lake, watch a movie, go for a walk. The world is chaotic enough without you having a nervous breakdown.
TAKE TIME FOR YOU and don't feel selfish about it. Look at it this way, If you're not at your best? Then all those other people you always seem to spend all your time looking after, will miss out on your fabulous self!
Remmy Duchene
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Monday, 27 August 2012'm changing history

A few weeks ago, while I was neck deep into writing my first BDSM (well light BDSM) story (Aint Too Proud to Beg) I got this magical idea to write something I've always wanted to write. An interracial, Regency, erotic novel.  What's the problem you might ask? Well, I wanted the female to be African American, the Male to be white and I wanted it to take place in a country where Kings roam and knights were aplenty. Lemme break it down for you.

During Regency time blacks were not royal and every turn I take, people keep reminding me of that.  I am not a huge fan of slavery. To be frank I went to school in Jamaica and they drilled that topic into my brain over and over the might as well have cut my head open and shoved it in.  When I moved to Canada they force fed it to me again and again with my parents forcing me at 14 to read Uncle Tom's Cabin.  So, needless to say, it happened, it was horrible and I am hoping we learned from it so now lets move on. I don't want my novel to dwell on that.

At one point I was thinking, well shit. Scrapping that idea. But now that I finish writing Aint Too Proud to Beg, I am itching for something else to make me want to rip my hair out.

So, I'm changing history.

I am making up my own and to hell with the consequences.

Why am I doing this? *shrugs* Probably I've been overtaken by madness. Who knows? I'm probably as mad as a hatter. Or maybe I just think we all need our own fairy tales of prince charming and Cinderrealla. I'm not being the R word but the African American Culture has only one fairy tale that I know of and that's the really stupid Princess and the Frog where the princess was African American for about 5 minutes in the movie then a frog for the rest then 5 minutes at the end of the movie. *sigh* so I'm writing one--burn all the nay sayers and drama-bringers.

 I've come up with a story titled CLAIMED. (That's a working title for now).  It will have a touch of BDSM in it (hence the title), and be very sexy. I haven't quite written the blurb yet and I'm still looking for a country to set it in (maybe I will create my own) but it's a WIP. Whatever publishing house gets this tale will have to explain to the CA why they chose this book lol but bring it on. If I have to self publish it, it will happen.

So, I should get to work--right? Hrm.....Anyone got any suggestions for countries I could use?


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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Movie night with Maryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Mom

So on Tuesday, 

I was home all day because the EDJ didn't have me down to work. While I was happy I was a little pissed off that the ONE Tuesday I didn't have to tear ass to classes after work, he wouldn't put me to work. Anyways, I spent the day running errands and getting more and more depressed then I started writing on my novel, Whiskey Lullaby. I was trying to get work done but the phone kept ringing. At one point I just let the voice mail pick it up but the person didn't give up so I finally answered it. 

It was my mom.

Mom: Hey, you wanna go see a movie tonight? I feel for a movie.

Kadian: *sighs dramatically then burst out laughing*

Mom: What?

Kadian: What kind of movie do I go see with my mother?

Mom: What kind of movie do you normally see? Porn?

Kadian: *Inredulous* Oh mom. They don't play that kind of movie in that theatre...... *dramatic pause* You have to go down town for that.

Now you have to understand something. My mother is old school Jamaican and everything is bad for her when it comes to movies, sex, guns, explosions, dirty talk, dirty comedy and all those are the good stuff. So I go through all the movies that were out inside my head--Hit and Run. Nope. Expendables 2. Nope. Spider-Man. Over my dead body. And so on and so forth. So one by one the movies were crossed off.  We hung up and I did some digging. Then I saw HOPE SPRINGS with Tommy Lee Jones and Maryl Streep. I know she loves her some Tommy and she adores Maryl from her stint in that HORRID rendition of Mama Mia (after seeing the play for that, no movie could ever do it justice). I mean I wanted to see it but since I knew none of my friends would go with me, I had planned on seeing it alone after the exam hyped died down followed by the freaking out about grades. So the movie in a nutshell.

After thirty years of marriage, a middle-aged couple attends an intense, week-long counseling session to work on their relationship. - IMBD

That night we got dressed up and hit the movies like it owed us something. I was wearing a dress, earrings AND heels *gasp* Can you believe it? It was my only chance this summer to really doll it up. Anyways we get there and I wanted to buy our ticket but I have one of those debit cards with the damn chip that decided to pick THAT moment to crap out on me! I was so mad. I called the bank and....

After giving more information to identify myself, (because me putting in my bank card number and pin wasn't enough) we went from there.

Kadian: I want to know why my bank card isn't working.

Agent: I don't know. You have more than enough money to charge stuff so I don't get it.

Kadian: can you send me a new card?

Agent: I can't do that, but you can go into the bank tomorrow and they'll give you a new one.

So that call was useless. Nevertheless, I didn't give up. For popcorn I used my debit card just to test it again and after a couple of tries, it worked.  I used my scene points to pay for our movie and in we go.

This movie was hilarious! Now listen, if you're not an old soul like me, you probably wont like it. It's a movie for the mothers and grand mothers out there. The people who adored Tommy from the old days and in The Fugitive. But there was one part where they were making out that made me cover my eyes then peek through my fingers thinking..."awkwarrrrrrrrrd!"

There was some talk--well not really talk but obsession with the blow job which I found so funny, I laughed till I hiccuped and the movie theatre scene in the movie?? Priceless. But I have to say, Maryl Streep, I will watch anything with her in it now. The woman is amazing. That guy from the office was in there too and he--well lets just say sometimes I was doubled over banging my hand into my fist laughing.

My mom enjoyed it as well. A few times she leant over and asked "Why is it so loud?" But other than that she was laughing until she cried too. 

Listen if you're going to see this movie, the banana scene alone...that one scene ALONE would make this movie worth the price of admission.

But needless to say, mom and I had a great time! Mom even saw a new movie she wants to see when it comes out...It's called HERE COMES THE BOOM with Kevin James from King of Queens and Mall Cop. He had to lose A LOT of weight for this new roll as he's shirtless for half of it and Penelope Cruz is in it too! I can't wait.

Have a lovely day everyone!

Kadian Tracey (Kendra Mei Chailyn)

Friday, 24 August 2012

Captcha and I'm Outta Here...

I like blogging. The writing of blog posts can be tedious—yes it is true...but blogging on a reading level...jumping around the internet at the EDJ (evil day job) and reading up on other authors and laughing or sighing or grunting or know what? That's freaking fun! I love reading about what other people are up to, how they are feeling, the secrets that they deem worthy of sharing.

Blog reading is a great pastime and learning experience. Some blogs I'll never go back to again...some I can't visit while at work (those are the ones with the yummies posted that you better believe I note and go to visit in the sanctuary of my home hehe)...and some are absolute every day must stop by places.

And after I read a particularly interesting blog—whether it made me laugh or think or scowl—I like commenting.

Now, from the POV (point of view) of a blog writer...I really really appreciate comments. Whether they are positive or negative—it shows me that I wrote something that someone somewhere feels it necessary to throw in their 2 cents...and since their 2 cents is usually worth so much more I say do it. It makes me feel good.

With that knowledge in hand I think it is safe to say that other blog writers would appreciate my 2 cents being tossed in their cup as well...right? So on blogs that get me—I like to comment. Show the author that hey...this was such-and-such and I just had to give you my little bit in a comment.

Then I go to the next blog...unless I've been BLOG BLOCKED!!! Aka CAPTCHA CAUGHT!!! Oh damn...I wanted to write a comment but that freaking captcha pop up is killing me! *heads desk*
So I have to fill out the captcha AND you
are going to moderate my comment???

I am so sick and tired of fulfilling the captcha Gods needs—I'm telling you it actually makes me not comment on certain blogs sometimes. Especially when they are so hard to read I have to squint and tilt my head while fondling myself and tapping my foot. WTF is all that about?

Why...if I want you to comment
should you 'prove' anything?
As the blog writer I have a responsibility to the reader to make commenting an easy enjoyable experience—or else they won't do it. I've just attested to that. If I want to make sure that monkey and machines aren't spamming my blog—that is my responsibility...not the commenter's. An easy solution is to put the blog on moderation...the visitor can make their comment and hit submit—it goes to my email box and I approve or disapprove it and it gets published. I guarantee you if a monkey or robot typed it out I'd like to think I'll notice and will delete the comment.

Oh email box will get spammed with comments now. Well darn on me—I'm the one asking people to comment on my blog I'm the one that will deal with that. It takes a whole second or two to take care of them...and I'll tell you the truth, since I've gone to moderation instead of captcha I've received more comments.

I need glasses after trying to read this one...
If you are going through a blog hop or a Six Second Sunday or Tease Me Tuesday or Wacked out Wednesday and you have to type in a dozen captcha phrases...are you going to? neither...

So do me a favor...just a few minutes of your time...and think about the pros and cons of those stupid captcha phrases—think about if you are losing comments because they are annoying the crap outta normally sweet and docile people...

Yeah...I gave up on the # part here...really...
*heads desk*
*looks around...leans forward...whispers* if there is a captcha that is keeping you from commenting...give me a holla and I'll go attack the powers that be...hehe...they like it when I grope them something good...*giggles*

Did you see how easy it was to read my blog...until BAM! I mine-fielded it with captchas? *heads desk giggling my assets off* Yeah...I'm easy to amuse sometimes...lmao

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a side note (and a bit of random promo) Breathless Press is having a Birthday Blog Hop this weekend...and the grand prize is a 50 book library from them...that could be over $150 worth of books!!! If you want to hop along or get the whole low-down...swing by my blog here...and remember—no captcha phrases to deal with on my blog...LMAO

*blows kisses*

Thursday, 23 August 2012

You Touched My Life

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When I started this writing journey I never expected to meet so many amazing people. Friends have come and gone. Some have moved up in the writing world and forgotten where they came from, some have stayed true to who they really are. 

I will say that I've been fortunate and blessed at the same time to have had many people come into my life and touch it in some way.

Each person has left a lasting impression and mark in my heart and my memory.

This industry of authors is always changing but the one thing that never does change is how amazing some people are. I have made such wonderful friends that I hope to keep for life and consider many my second family. 

You learn from every single person you meet. I say that people come into your life and they might not know it yet but they are there for a reason.

Have you met anyone who has changed your life in some way? Is the person still in your life?

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stay naughty,

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What's Not to Love About a Man with Tattoos?


Oh yeah. I can get all hot and bothered just thinking about that early in the morning. Now you guys know I love hot and dangerous men, right? Well I can’t seem to get enough of them and I think along with the basic persona of a rough-hewn man who’s sexy and sassy and just gives me the shivers. Now for some reason that tends to go with a guy who has tats as well. I don’t know how that works but I’ve found when I put my characters together my guys almost always have some sexy form of body art. And the truth is that creative tattoos are indeed art. I have several friends who create from scratch beautiful pictures they adorn both men and women with. From sexy and sultry to military and dangerous – they’re an extension of where we are creatively inside. Tattoos and body piercings are also almost a mask of sorts allowing us to be who we really want to be behind our outward appearance. A lot of us are forced to hide behind who we are for our careers and family. So we choose to get a little wild.

That being said women also are enjoying getting either a large or small one that’s hidden. I don’t know if it’s about sexual identity or the feeling of being wild but for some women it’s a passage into sharing something that’s just a touch wicked. I love the idea and granted haven’t gotten one yet but the idea is there. I know we’ve all heard that you can’t remove them and a lot of employers don’t want huge pictures adorning arms and legs and other body parts. Well that’s the point – you can have these works of art located in very private locations. And I can assure you a tattoo parlor isn’t like what you’ve seen in horror movies. These places of business are clean and professional and the talented staff trained.

What about body piercings? You ever thought you’d want to give it a try? Men and women have had their ears pierces for years but what about other locations like the navel or your nipples? Or perhaps your tongue? For some I’ve heard that performing certain acts of oral sex is far more stimulating when the giver has their tongue pierced. I can only imagine. Mmmm… for some women and men of course we use nipple clamps in our moments of heated passion, chains attached for tugging – it’s not just about BDSM any longer. For women especially who love the practice, it’s not only a feeling of submitting to a Dom but the slight angst of pain is a very heady aphrodisiac.

Imagine if your nipples were pierced? Not only the feeling of the thin piece of metal scraping against the lace of your bra is sexy to me but envision a chain being attached and your lover pulling on the end during wild sex? Oh yes you can imagine the dichotomy of pain and pleasure, excitement surging through your body allowing the adrenaline to flow as he drives his shaft deep inside – whew. Hot and bothered yet? For many men and women body piercings are simply another extension of kinky and a delicious one at that. Whatever your form of expression the idea of body art has changed and I love the thought of my hot men with both. Yes, there’s another form including clit piercing and a lot of women find that very stimulating in many ways. I think you have to do your research if you’re really interested but again can be sexy and exciting giving you a hint of uninhibited wickedness.    

In creating my m/m characters – there’s no difference for me. My guys tend to have tattoos and ride Harley’s and enjoy a bit of kink. They love their women hard and fast just like they love their lives. I think there’s something so refreshing about a man who can he hard bodied on the outside and yet oh so soft on the inside. What do you think ladies? Yummy today?

Hope you enjoyed and think about getting a little wild and wooly the next time you pass by a tattoo place – you might just have a lot of fun selecting the perfect extension to that wicked wide we all have.

Kisses   xxx



Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Touch

Okay, this week I want to talk about the “Touch.” 

Touch between two people, or more, and I’m not talking about the casual reach out and stroke someone’s arm type. I’m talking about the sensual, heated touch that leaves your skin with tingly, the touch that can make your whole body shiver. It’s almost magical, it has the ability to make your heart beat faster, perhaps even make you forget what you were thinking of, or maybe even having your imagination kick into gear wondering what those magical hands can do to other parts of your body. 

You know the one right?


You’re meeting up with your date at a local restaurant, that person is early and you pull up, park, take a quick peek in the rearview mirror to be sure your makeup still looks fresh and you’re excited about seeing him/her again. You get out and your mind is racing with happy. You’re thinking ohmygod I can’t wait. However, you’re not expecting a simple touch, you’re thinking a hug, a kiss, giving no thought at all to what his/her hands, fingers, or what they can do to make you feel as if you’re the most important person in the world to him/her. You’re not thinking what a mere touch can do or will do to you. Not until you’re in front of that person, you look into those eyes, you smile, that other person smiles, and s/he reaches out and gently touches you on the upper arm, skin on skin. A small shiver there, like goose bump material? Not really? Maybe a feeling of wow, that felt good. Okay, let’s think about the touch in this way. Gentle hand around the back of your neck, holding you there as s/he leans in for a quick hello kiss. Yes, you feel the touch of lips, but it’s that touch on the back of your neck that your body is reacting to as well, if not all the way. Goose bumps yet? How about when that hand, turns to a few fingers and they glide slowly down the side of your neck o right under your jaw and s/he lifts your face up to look right into those wonderful shiny eyes, your chin in those fingers. 

Not yet? Okay, how about when you walk into the restaurant and her/his hand is based on the lower part of your back leading you inside. You place one foot in front of the other, you look ahead of you, you stand tall, and you’re following the hostess to your seat but you can’t deny that the hand resting on the lower part of your back isn’t affecting you in any way at all. It is. Even over the clothing you can feel the heat coming off that hand. 

Take a look at your hands, and then cross one arm over the other and gently run your hands up and down each arm… What feelings do you feel? Now imagine your lover doing that same thing, up and down your arms. Feels different. It’s the touch of another who you have feelings for, and those feelings make you respond differently. You get happy thoughts and feel on top of the world. Oh and naked? The touch? Yeah… You know. 

Now, I want you to imagine the touch when it comes from someone you’re not too fond of. Someone who may freak you out a bit. What does that touch do for you? Not. A. Thing. It may in fact creep you out, make your skin crawl, makes your lips curl up in displeasure. You shudder but not in a good way. 

Really, it’s amazing what human touch can do. Humans need physical interaction, we thrive off of it. Hugs, kisses, touches, all of it. We need it to thrive. Without it, without the simple touch from even a family member, we can be a depressed lot. 

So, find that special person in your life, test the theory, touch him/her, gently, alongside their body, up their neck, perhaps to the back of the neck, run your fingers through the base of their hair, through their hair to their scalp, or go the other way, down the side of a leg, inside and out and watch how that body responds.

Till next week.



You have no words. Sometimes all you have, is music....

Friday, 17 August 2012

Wanted: A Few Snarky Men...

First let's talk about my age. Hey—I've got no problem chit chatting about my thirty-eight years. I'm not a young one, but I have a long way to go before I'm aged to perfection. And the good thing about the years behind me *wiggles my behind* is that I've seen some interesting things. Betcha I could make you blush...maybe squirm a little...and definitely throb a lot...all without even using my hands...or fingers. *wiggles fingers and winks*

So my age has given me the insight to know exactly what I want in a man. And that...well that is a whole nother discussion. *eye roll* But I know that there is something special and interesting in all men...the lanky ones...the mature ones...the quiet ones...the bear ones...the odd ones...the rambling ones...the packing & not-so-packing ones...the blue eyed ones and yes...the snarky ones.

Now before I continue with my discussion about that last group I named—do me a flavor and take notice that I didn't just describe the outsides of this great group that have what I crave and desire...oh hell no—if you want to talk about men to me and get me needing a wardrobe change...there has gots to be more than what the eye can see *does googly eye impression* Oh come on—this is my blog post and the internet to boot...imagine a googly eye impression...*giggles*

So—a close dear friend of mine asked me why so many of my men are

'"No they aren't!" I quickly defended my boys...


"Nah uh." I might have stuck my tongue out at this point...keep in mind my youthful age disclosed above...


Oh wow...are we naming names now? Really??? "Shan may have an interesting sense of humor, but he isn't an asset-hat.  Everything he did he did for others, and just enjoyed it a bit too much along the way, nothing wrong with that."


Ryder's Playground
"Oh come on! He made a mistake—he was barely an adult. You never freaked up when you were younger?" Oh and two points for me not mentioning said freak ups aloud...

"Fine." Arms got crossed and a determined look gleamed the eyes..."Ritchie..."


"And Emery..."

Oh hit with the double shot of course I did the mature thing in this situation..."I'm sorry...I'm losing connection...I'm going through a tunnel...will have to call you back..."

Let me introduce you to the asset hats...Emery and Ritchie

Um, since I was actually sitting in the same room as my friend—well that wasn't exactly a good out to choose this time...*heads desk* So I fessed up...

Yeah—I may write an asset hat or two every now and then...but why not? The word asset hat is really a broad description—in this case it covered two people who combined are: snarky (such a cool sounding word for sarcastic), manipulative, self serving, plotting, control freaking, yeah, assets.

So I repeat—why not write about them? Please tell me who hasn't dreamed at least once about a wise cracking full of himself man meeting his match and being knocked down a peg or two? Or a man so sure of himself that he comes off as pompous but truly knows how to work your body to a complete lather...then rinses and repeats...*fans face*

When I see my now dubbed asset hat men...I don't see the bad that they bring to the table—and they do, because they are human in my mind. I see the yum yum they bring...and I develop that...spin it to work for or against them depending the scene...I hook them up with someone who can handle them and watch the sparks fly...and when I write my erotic romance...well by the end there is always a HEA or HFN and they are not always the same as when they stepped into my arena...

Because as another close friend likes to say...everyone deserves a chance to love and be loved...even the not so perfect men with faults and flaws—whether they are seen with the naked eye or not.

So tell you like a little snark in your men?

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Me? You Want To Talk To Me?

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So this past week I had received an interview to do for a site. I've done interviews before. Many interviews.

As I sat looking over the questions I couldn't help but wonder. Why do people want to know about me?
Yeah I'm an author and write sexy books, but why me?
I have never been one to talk a lot about myself. I actually find it hard to tell people about me. Why? I wish I knew. I never know what to tell people about myself especially in interviews.

Plus when you do interviews, no matter how many, the questions do repeat. I always wonder, do people actually like to read interviews about authors?

Do they really care how they create their books?

I for one love to read interviews. It gives me a look at the author and how they create. Interviews reveal the little bits of the birth of a story or even about the creator themselves.

Interviews are also a bit of a lesson in some ways for new writers who are trying to find out more about the world of fiction. It can be nerve wrecking to dive into the industry and depending on the interview one can learn a lot from it.

So tell me, do you as an author like doing interview? Hate them?
As a reader, do you enjoy reading author interviews? Do you hate them?

stay naughty,

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

One Downside to Getting Published

Hello all you braZen sexy beasts!

It is Tuesday and once again I come bearing a cloud of doom. I am not purposely trying to be dark or morbid but if I can help new authors from falling into the holes that I have fallen into then I should, right?  I take great pleasure in helping other authors, especially the new ones because if I didn't have help I wouldn't be here right now. It's a kind of pay it forward kind of dealie.

This blog entry is not to bring you down or get you to stop writing or be depressed. This blog post is to get you to just spend a little more time picking and choosing where you send your work and who you let handle your art. Now with that said, please read on.

Getting published is earth-shartteringly (I know that’s not a word but work with me here), amazi-rific! I mean come on, someone else aside from your mom and dad, big sister, and boyfriend think you have some talent—and not only that, they think you’re so wonderful they decide to publishing your  work. That is bloody brilliant.

But be careful.

Before it even gets to an acceptance letter there are things to watch out for. Do not let the excitement cause you to fall for rip offs or publishers who are just so downright horrid, everyone is leaving in droves and every website you’ve ever seen them mention on has nothing but horrid  things to say about it.

Why am I writing this blog? Well I am going through it at the moment. One publisher, which shall remain nameless for now, is purposefully holding my books hostage after I have given the required notice in the form my contract stated. Now they are officially in breach of my contract but that’s a whole other story. 

So here are some tips.

Research your publisher – you know the one that looks all fancy and shiz? Yeah, especially those ones. Google them. I mean not everyone is going to have a glowing review for every publisher but if you see that more than five sites have something bad to say about the publisher—steer clear. They are not just writing that crap because they feel malicious. Read all these sites and blogs and posts carefully.  If in doubt, email a bunch of the authors from the house you’re thinking subbing to. If they seem overtly stand-offish, there has to be a reason. If you get a bad feeling about a publisher, trust your instincts because chances are you’re right.

READ YOUR CONTRACT! I read all my contracts. Know most of them inside and out. I print extra copies and mark them up—highlighting dates and clauses. Make sure you do that if that’s what you have to do to learn them. These contracts are legally binding so make sure you know what you’re signing.

We are writes. We spend months sometimes years researching a book and then another year to finish writing said book or however long it took you to finish your masterpiece. You craft each character, each scene, each everything with pain-staking care and deliberation. Ensure you use the same care and determination to find your work a suitable home. Don’t just submit it and contract it with just about anyone who offers. BE CAREFUL. Do not get stuck in the same hole most of us have in recent years.

Remmy Duchene