Wednesday, 8 August 2012



Isn’t that a good question? And does that matter in writing romance novels? Well, the truth is I’ve seen some continued concern but for the most part I do believe it’s embraced with all the passion of writing anything else. After all, who cares about the color of our heroes as long as they have some enduring qualities that remind us why we love to read romances in the first place. I’ve been asked on several occasions why I enjoy writing interracial romances and the truth is I think I’m color blind in all aspects of people including relationships. I don’t care if the men I crave are black, white or purple. Sensuality and desire come in many forms and in truth I love black men. I think they are sassy and sexy and…but then again I have a craving for American Indians and Puerto Ricans too so. Hey – I can’t help myself and it has nothing to do with being an erotic romance author. Is it because of my upbringing and the fact I was taught never to be prejudice?

In truth I think it’s a little bit of both. I enjoy all flavors, sizes and shapes of men. Let’s face it -- I simply love men! I also don’t mind sending a message that whether you’re involved with someone from another race or of the same sex, love is love and passion ignites from where your heart takes you. I personally hate discrimination and do everything that I can to educate others in my writing about equality. I’ve been very blessed to have written several interracial romances over the last year or so. Even my very first piece published was about my real life UPS man who happens to be chocolate laced in variety. He’s also simply a wonderful guy and fun to talk to.

I penned a piece that combines three of my enjoyments – interracial, same sex including a polyamory situation and BDSM. What could be better? Throw in aspects of a Knight in Shining armor who has a terrible secret and I’m hooked. What I think endures us probably to the characters in the stories are some flaw they have along with those hidden secrets. We all have lives that hide something or that we’re worried about and sometimes that can be based on certain biases we had to endure during our experiences with love, family, friends and our work relationships. Doesn’t that sound like a delicious read to you and do you see color in the aspect of the book? You shouldn’t, but that’s just my opinion.

I guess trying to figure out why is really not the question any longer. The truth is that the perception is there, whether we like it or not. I hate every aspect of the concept as I talk about and see love as love, but I guess we’ll always have narrow minded people in this world. I’ve actually been judged and had friends judged on this very concept and I’m not going to get on my soapbox other than to say, I think you really need to understand that if you believe in God, he did put us on this earth to love, not hate. At least that’s what my religious friends tell me anyway.

I had posed this kind of question on Facebook not too long ago and received some very interesting comments and then one poor girl private messaged me to say she received real CRAP from people who didn’t like her comments. Do you not have a hobby people or a job? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, just don’t try and stop me or shove your beliefs down my throat. I don’t personally take that very well.

I’m saddened because you continue to see things in the newspaper and on line about hate crimes – not just based on color of course but sexual preference and religious beliefs too and I for one stand back and go – WTF? What is freaking wrong with people? I have my views. Trust me. Because I’ve realized that there are so many people who continue to have issues with interracial romances, especially a black man and a white woman, I’ve actually thought about not penning them any longer. That’s another WTF moment for me. If I do that then the naysayers win and I hate winners who do based on sheer stupidity. I enjoy writing them and I enjoy reading them and I plan on continuing. What do you think? I would love to hear your viewpoint on this. Do you believe love is love no matter what color or do you think races should stay with their own – what I’ve heard coined later “kind”. God, that alone makes me shiver. I didn’t know we looked different inside. Let me know your thoughts… Decided to be just a bit BraZen this morning.

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  1. Honestly, at this point in my life I don't subscribe to the concept of race. It doesn't make sense. People come in a spectrum of colors. It's like looking at a rainbow - even if you squint with one eye closed, you can't tell where blue ends and where purple begins. Just like at some point in that spectrum, you can't tell where the line is between brown and tan and yellow.

    There's culture, ethnicity--sure--race? Nah. Useless classification system. Love who you want as as they're a consenting adult. What they look like has nothing to do with compatibility.

  2. This is a topic I love weighing in on:)I penned my first story, an interracial romance, with a deliciously chocolate hero...The second a Native American and the third another variety of decadent chocolate. But I also have several in the works with a white hero...what is it they say about variety being the spice of life?

    I do believe we should all stay with our own race...the human race and that love is not blind, the heart is and it loves who it loves no matter what.

    So rock on Cass...I, for one, am with you girl!

  3. As you bsay ,hon , LOVE IS LOVE !!!