Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Shameless Plug :)

Hey gang! Welcome to another week! It is Tuesday one day closer to Friday!

Let me first of all welcome all our new followers! We are so glad you're here and we hope we can spread a little smile into your day.

Now for the reason we're here! My shameless plug...HA! I said Shameless and I'm writing a story called SHAMELESS - get it? get it? *hangs head* sorry, bad joke.

So a little while ago, Cassandre Dayne (link above) invited me into her series of stories for Hot Summer Nights.  At first I was terrified. I mean come on! I have to write with Cassandre Dayne who has books hitting bestselling charts all over the place.  So, I hit google, and I dug and dug until I found some obscure island that I liked the name of and Montserrat had a perfect place for some nice hot, love *says this in a deep, bass-ish, Barry White-esque voice*.

I wrote, deleted, re-wrote, deleted, freaked out and write "Cassandre Dayne I need you" ALOT on facebook and send her bits and pieces with "What do you think" written after them then I messaged my friends Havan and Jade and asks "What do you think?" and after freaking out I finished it. I freaked out a little more and sent it to Cassandre who eyed me with her Mistress eyes and shipped it off to our pubisher (Rebel Ink Press). Our beautiful CA made me a cover, it went through edits and finally it was released.

On Saturday I went home from work to a message on my wall from Cassandre basically saying "I TOLD YOU SO" Hot Summer Nights: Montserrat had apparently reached the #1 Drama spot on All Romance eBooks.....wait...*blinks* What???  And just in case I didn't believe her, she added the following picture.

After so many years of writing and getting stuff out there, I still flailed, and squealed, and ran around my room shouting "yes! YES! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Then I had to put on my new favorite song of the summer "Calabria" by Enur featuring Natasja. *smirks* What? It was cause for celebration! I am so happy.

You can find it at ARE or where you buy your Remmy yumminess. The story is a short, fun, sexy one. Here's a blurb:

Chance Snider is a volcanologist and he's bored with his job. To give it a shot in the arm, he decides to lead an expedition into the exclusion zone of Plymouth on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. To appease his sister's worry should the volcano erupt again, Chance decides to hire Scott LaFromboise, an ex-marine turned guide, into the Exclusion zone to watch his back. The thing is, everyone believes Scott LaFromboise is in love with Chance. Everyone sees it except Chance.

The last thing Scott wants to do is lead another expedition into the exclusion zone, but for some reason, he just can't say no to Chance Snider. He knows he has a thing for the brainy, chocolate Adonis, but he'll be damned if he'll admit it. To go three weeks without holding Chance down and taking the pleasure he knows Chance is hiding between those perfectly rounded cheeks--that's all he has to do. Go the length of the trip without falling deeper. Or getting his heart broken.
Have a lovely week!
Remmy Duchene

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  1. You don't even scream that when I'm *air quotes* visiting you...hehe...*hugs and loves* congrats honey - you deserve this and so much more! <3