Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Touch

Okay, this week I want to talk about the “Touch.” 

Touch between two people, or more, and I’m not talking about the casual reach out and stroke someone’s arm type. I’m talking about the sensual, heated touch that leaves your skin with tingly, the touch that can make your whole body shiver. It’s almost magical, it has the ability to make your heart beat faster, perhaps even make you forget what you were thinking of, or maybe even having your imagination kick into gear wondering what those magical hands can do to other parts of your body. 

You know the one right?


You’re meeting up with your date at a local restaurant, that person is early and you pull up, park, take a quick peek in the rearview mirror to be sure your makeup still looks fresh and you’re excited about seeing him/her again. You get out and your mind is racing with happy. You’re thinking ohmygod I can’t wait. However, you’re not expecting a simple touch, you’re thinking a hug, a kiss, giving no thought at all to what his/her hands, fingers, or what they can do to make you feel as if you’re the most important person in the world to him/her. You’re not thinking what a mere touch can do or will do to you. Not until you’re in front of that person, you look into those eyes, you smile, that other person smiles, and s/he reaches out and gently touches you on the upper arm, skin on skin. A small shiver there, like goose bump material? Not really? Maybe a feeling of wow, that felt good. Okay, let’s think about the touch in this way. Gentle hand around the back of your neck, holding you there as s/he leans in for a quick hello kiss. Yes, you feel the touch of lips, but it’s that touch on the back of your neck that your body is reacting to as well, if not all the way. Goose bumps yet? How about when that hand, turns to a few fingers and they glide slowly down the side of your neck o right under your jaw and s/he lifts your face up to look right into those wonderful shiny eyes, your chin in those fingers. 

Not yet? Okay, how about when you walk into the restaurant and her/his hand is based on the lower part of your back leading you inside. You place one foot in front of the other, you look ahead of you, you stand tall, and you’re following the hostess to your seat but you can’t deny that the hand resting on the lower part of your back isn’t affecting you in any way at all. It is. Even over the clothing you can feel the heat coming off that hand. 

Take a look at your hands, and then cross one arm over the other and gently run your hands up and down each arm… What feelings do you feel? Now imagine your lover doing that same thing, up and down your arms. Feels different. It’s the touch of another who you have feelings for, and those feelings make you respond differently. You get happy thoughts and feel on top of the world. Oh and naked? The touch? Yeah… You know. 

Now, I want you to imagine the touch when it comes from someone you’re not too fond of. Someone who may freak you out a bit. What does that touch do for you? Not. A. Thing. It may in fact creep you out, make your skin crawl, makes your lips curl up in displeasure. You shudder but not in a good way. 

Really, it’s amazing what human touch can do. Humans need physical interaction, we thrive off of it. Hugs, kisses, touches, all of it. We need it to thrive. Without it, without the simple touch from even a family member, we can be a depressed lot. 

So, find that special person in your life, test the theory, touch him/her, gently, alongside their body, up their neck, perhaps to the back of the neck, run your fingers through the base of their hair, through their hair to their scalp, or go the other way, down the side of a leg, inside and out and watch how that body responds.

Till next week.



  1. Touch is such a simple but yet amazing way to convey feelings and how you feel. It is a beautiful for of expression.