Saturday, 11 August 2012

That “Kiss”

Yes! That’s the one! You know that one I’m talking about right? The one that you’ve been anticipating all day, the one that can speed up your heart by thinking about it, to the point that you catch yourself closing your eyes imagining what it’ll feel like. You know the one, right? It’s the one where it makes your insides all quivery and happy, goose-bump worthy, the one that makes you weak in the knees, makes breathing almost impossible through the pants, it’s the one that can bring a smile to your face no matter what’s going on around you.
Wait…that wasn’t even the kiss yet! Slow down. 

We’re talking about what we expect when we want to connect with that special someone in a way that goes beyond a mere kiss on your cheek(s), and lets include a hug with that long awaited kiss. Feeling a warm body up close to yours, feeling that body as close as possible, (with clothes on that is.) The smell of the other person, how tightly yet gently they’ll hold you right before you kiss… OH! Wait. I’m getting ahead of myself. 

Back on track. So, imagine all of that to this point. Will that magic kiss, the one you’ve waited perhaps weeks, months, years for from that one special person, be everything you’ve dreamt it will be? 

Will it meet what you’ve been thinking about it all along? Is the anticipation waiting on that one true magic kiss better than the kiss itself? 

Let’s find out shall we? You finally get to the point where it’s you and your selected other half. You’re standing there looking at one another, it’s as if all that you’re feeling is in yours eyes, like a magnetic field surrounds the two of you, your eyes almost feel fevered with the want of the taste of the other person, they’re sending signals, silently of course to the person’s eyes, heat builds, you focus from their eyes to their lips, all the thoughts you’ve been having of the special magic kiss come back and unknowingly you may lick your lips, you feel heated from the inside out, that same quivering feeling comes back your heart races, you look back into those eyes and silently you’re saying, “Kiss me, take my breath away.” Closer and closer you stand to one another, you aim in on those lips, just inches away from yours. A noise may escape from your throat, not on purpose but your whole body is now shaking with the need to taste that other person. 

Closer, your lips are just a hairsbreadth away, your eyes darting with dark need from the persons eyes to lips, back and forth, breathing becomes harder, your lips feel dry so you lick them slowly and before you know it, the smell of the other person engulfs all of your senses, those lips finally, after waiting forever for them to meet yours, happens. At first the kiss is gentle, lips to lips, you want to remember every single moment of that first kiss, right? Those lips you’ve been day dreaming about, wondering if the kiss would be powerful, controlling, yet gentle and exciting, maybe soft, yet firm, passionate. Thick or thin lips, what does it matter? Your hands are then out of your control, they slip around the neck that belongs to the person who owns those lips, your body gets as close as never before, your arms tighten around that neck, and before you have a chance to think, you feel that tongue you’ve wondered about since meeting. Licking your lips, teeth gently nibble on your lower lip, a kiss again, then another lick. A moan then escapes your throat, your heart is pounding wildly away in your chest, your knees weaken, you lean into that body more and without support you know you’d crumble to your knees. 

A hand reaches to the back of your neck, a gentle tug to the underside of your hair, forcing your head back at the same time the owner of those lips nibbles down a bit harder, you open your mouth to perhaps say ouch, yet before that word makes it out, you find yourself lost in the deliciousness of that amazing kiss. 

It’s everything you imagined and more. 

So, what type of kiss is your favorite? I just told you mine. 

Till next week.




  1. Long and slow and deep with lots of tongue! Great post!!

  2. Long and slow and deep ....yes!!

    Thanks , Sammy!!

    I'm going to have very nice dreams indeed.

  3. I think sometimes if we think too much about it it is not what we expect. We always want a kiss to be passionate and amazing...One that will melt you all over.

  4. True that...then there are the ones you think of with the person of your dreams. A kiss can be passionate for a couple, every time. No matter how many times they've kissed. It's all heart and soul....or with a new you've waited for, for a long time...Omg!! I'm over thinking again.

    Hugs, Savannah!!!

  5. I love all kisses - from the chaste quick ones I steal from my kiddos to the deep soul baring ones that my special friend steals from me...great post!

    1. Thank you, Havan!!

      Sending kisses your way!!