Sunday, 5 August 2012

Two for the Touch

What is it about that touch?

When I’m off researching I, at times become a bit blah with it and tend to research other things…such as pictures. Oh not just any type of pictures. Pictures of men mostly. Many of those pictures give me ideas for other stories, they drive up the inspiration, they make me smile, they may even become a character of mine. However it goes, I have come to appreciate certain types of pictures more so than others. While I like looking at a picture with one person it in, I would rather look at a picture with two men in it, and they must be touching, not necessarily kissing, or even fully naked, hell they can be dressed from head to toe, matters little to me. 

What DOES matter is a certain touch, or the way they touch, the way it’s captured in that picture that leaves me saying, wow, that’s hot. Not a lot of pictures fit that wow, that’s hot category, but many fall in the very hot, very nice, wow, etc. The ones that really capture me are the ones where one man has one of his hands somewhere near or on the other man’s throat, or holding his face, or pulling the others hair just enough to tip his head back. The look in the more dominate one’s eyes, it’s almost as if you can feel the heat right through that picture, you can imagine what they are both thinking, the blood moving, the thoughts going on, the heat between them all due to a picture. 

What types of pictures give you that stop and look and wow, just wow feeling?

till next Sunday!!


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