Friday, 27 July 2012

Yummies and Funnies...

So...I woke up this morning with my pillow on the floor across the room...the kitteh sleeping on my blanket missing...and my head on the wrong side of the bed.


Needless to say I must have had a freaking real good time while I was dreaming...*giggling*

Soooooooooo...since I'm running late doing everything today *heads desk*...I'm gonna post some yummies and maybe a funny and promise you something spectacular next week...or at least a good facsimile of something spectacular...hehe

Now those ones up there *looks up and smirks* are conducive to some good wet tangle you up in your sheets and lick your fingers clean dreams...but this one here...*looks down and shudders*...well that just isn't right! *eye roll giggling*
...and now for...
A test to see if you are in the right place *winks*...


  1. That must have been one hell of a night with everything tossed around like that.. he he

  2. Heheeh, I have an idea about what happened last night... but don't worry, I won't tell anybody!
    Oh and I love the BDSM Bears.... <3