Saturday, 28 July 2012

Music--soothes the Troubled writer

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! Can you believe the week is over already? I mean come on! Well it could be worse! It could be Monday! lol...Today I'm here to talk about music. Because alot of people think we write and we're just amazing off the first try but sometimes we don't feel like writing. Still we write because we have deadlines and those dreaded things do not play around.

The mood to write strikes whenever it wants. Other times you just write and hopefully something good and profound happens.  When those moments hit, I sit on the ground before my bed and dragged the large crate of CDs I own from under the bed and skim through it.  You can' just use any song--that won't work. You have to figure out the mood you're in and shove it out the window. Then find the mood you want to be in--yes even THAT mood and dig through your music. Most of you aren't as archaic as me so you probably don't have CDs but I do. Use whatever you have, find the music that will put you in that mood and use it.

When I want to write a particularly sexy, sensual scene, I listened to things like Robin Thicke, Blake McGrath, Janet Jackson.  For angry I listen to anything Metallica, most AC/DC, Puddle of Mud. When I want soft, sweet I do Michael Bolton, Steaphnie Mills--see what I mean? 

Different music gives you different things.

What music do you write to?

Kendra Mei Chailyn

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  1. I write to all different genre and love it. It inspires me and just helps the words flow free..

    Love your music choices.