Monday, 16 July 2012

Napoleon, Caligula and Count Dracula Walked into a Bar....

Hello All! It's Monday again and even though I wanted to start off your week on a happy note, I couldn't think of anything THAT happy so I figured giving some tips about research.

If you're like me (omg! I sound like one of those late night info-mercials!) and you LOVE using exotic locations in your books--so far I've hit Jamaica and Japan like they owed me child support and used them extensively. Jamaica, I know. Japan, well that's something comepletely different. I spent hours, pouring through enclycopedias, websites, phoning my friends just to get the little language, landmarks and food I used in For the Love of Rei. Now imagine if you have something way more detailed?

Here are some tips:

  1. Figure out your story idea--write the blurb if you have to.
  2. Read an overall information piece about the idea you need to research.
  3. Read a bunch of books. The internet is a great place, but most of the info cannot be trusted. So read other things and compare. If it sounds hinky, chances are it is. Make sure the info mesh and jive.
  4. Go to the library and ask the libriain. Don't feel bad if he/she pouts and throws a tantrum. They are paid to help you.
  5. Go to the source. Writing a book about firefighters (its the first one that came into my mind) visit a fire station. Call them up and ask if you can sit down with them.
  6. Use a pen and notepad (gasp!) Yes, I said pen and notepad. Why? You can write things down and ensure you understand it all.
  7. Make sure you cite information if you use them word for word in your books. Be very Careful here.
  8. If you can't find information to reinforce your research topic, drop it and find another idea until you can find information to reinforce your info.

Here is hoping that helps. If you have questions, comment under this blog!


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  1. I love to travel and dream to see the world. I want to experience so many different place to write about them .I love seeing new places.