Monday, 30 July 2012

The Age of the "Gentleman"

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It is *looks at calendar* Monday again! Hope your day is going amazingly or depending on what time you read this, has gone amazingly. Today, I'm going to talk about the Age of the "Gentleman".

What do I mean by this? I often times watch older men--men who grew up during the crazy sixties or the insane seventies or even as far back as the times our grand parents grow up in and they are Gentlemen. Not gentle as in, soft, and mouse-ie. But real men. Men who opens the door for a woman, who would get up on the bus and give a woman his seat or at least ask if she wished to sit down--the men who believes in "women and children first" during SAFE situations.

I realized the other day as I sat on the bus that these days are so dead.

I was sitting in the back and normally the front six seats are facing each other so it is easier to lift for a wheelchair or persons in a scooter or that kind of thing. They are labled PRIORITY SEATING and it also says "you may be asked to vacate these seats for a disabled person or a senior." It says it!  Anywho, I'm sitting in the back,  headphones on as usual, listening to some tunes and just people watching. The guys come in and the young ones rush to the back--the ones in high school and the like. But the guys from the college I go to, come in and they sit in the Priority Seating.
Image from "Shame2Dame"
If there's no one there to sit there fine but when we got two stops later and an older woman got on the bus, she looked to be in her seventies, you would expect these young men to get up and allow her the seat.  Why did the bus driver have to stop the bus get up and yell at them before they even get up?

How sad is that?  They are young, presumably intelligent so there was no reason for them not to know that a woman getting on the bus, at that age probably needed the seat more than they did. I never understood how grown men could at like such fools sometimes.

My parents expects me to picka husband from these fools?

How does this correlate to romance and erotica? Simple.

I write men who are no fools. They are sometimes hurt but never in a million years would any of my men not get up and offerh is seat.  They aren't perfect--not by any stretch of the word, they have their idiot moments or their brain-fart moments but they always give due consideration to the welfare of women and children. Not that I'm saying women can't do for themselves, we totally can! It's just sometimes, especialyl if you're single, try and be nice to us. Because as they say, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

I heard a while ago someone was bashing the men in romance novels as too sweet. But seriously, we're writing manuals for these men of what we want in them and men are pushing the books away as "gay" or "not manly"

Tigra-Luna LeMar

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  1. I think with the new generation a lot of the old ways have been lost. People have this way of looking at things and don't pay attention to the small stuff. I think we need to bring it back.