Thursday, 12 July 2012

Why Not Read Naked...

I knew that would get your attention..Yes I recommend you try to read naked...Everyone should try to at least sit and read naked once...

Most of the time when we sit and read a sexy book we end up wanting to get naked anyways so why not save yourself all the trouble and just start butt ass naked...

I think most people have this view of us erotic romance authors that we pretty much walk around nude all day or we do every possible thing we write about.

Don't we?

Well hell yeah..urm..I mean some of us do...

I mean maybe....oh shhhhhhhh I did not say a word.

So I think it is time to we make it an official holiday...National Naked Reading Day or maybe Week.

Who would join me? Anybody? Or are you all too shy?

Hey if we can bring the heat into the stories we write we need to spread the hotness  into your lives. Can you imagine coming home to find your man or woman, or lovers sitting and reading with nothing on?

Wouldn't that just get you all hot and bothered, thinking kinky thoughts? Maybe you could just jump them right then and there.

Or maybe it is you who's wearing nothing and lover comes home. You've been reading a sexy, delectable book and you are just so wound up that the moment they walk in the door you attack them like the wild one you are. Rip off their clothes and have some fun.

Next time you sit down to read the latest hot book try it with nothing on..

stay naughty, and possibly naked... he he


  1. mmmmnaked reading! My motto is "clothes are for chumps" so you know I've naked read before *smirks* I write naked, I watch movies naked, I just lay around naked...I mean in this heat? Gimme a break

  2. Remmy, you hot thang..You know I love the way you think.You are just naked, naked ,naked..They way you should be..Grrr

  3. Makes sense to me :) naughty and naked, now that's a hot take away

  4. S.J, that is the right idea. Saves so much time..