Monday, 23 July 2012

A F/F Lick...

Terry stared at Eli across the top of the small freezer.  They'd pulled it from the wall to see if Terry's cellphone had fallen behind. Eli did not look happy. She stood with her hands rested on her hips, her brown eyes blazing and her lips set in a determined line.  

"You don't understand!" Eli shook her head. "You've never understood. You go around trying to save the damn world all the time. What about me?"

"What about you? I'm here, aren't I?"

"Ugh! You make me so mad! You are so damn blind."

Terry pushed some air out the mouth and took a deep breath. "I don't know what else you want from me."

Eli reached over across the freezer, grabbed Terry by the front of the shirt and tugged.  With a yelp, Terry fell on the top of the freezer but didn't have time to argue for Eli's mouth was over hers and their tongues were already struggling for supremacy.  Shock turned to pure joy which morphed into passion and a wild urge to dominate.  Terry pulled away and pressed her back into the wall, eyeing Eli.

"What the hell?" Terry panted.

"Now do you see, Ter? Now do you see what I really want from you?"

"I'm no good in a relationship right now, Eli. I can't..."

"Who said I wanted a relationship? All I want is a good fuck--obviously you're not willing."

"But..." Terry's eyes bulged.

"What? You're not up for it? Tell me now, Terry," Eli said while stalking around one side of the freezer.  

Terry hurried around the other side. She felt stalked, and turned on.

"Tell me you don't want to feel these tits in your hands, my hot, wet pussy on your tongue."

"Oh shit, Eli...." Terry gasped.


  1. Ohh that is the start of a very hot read...

  2. lol I wanted to do something different lol

  3. This was very intriguing! I definitely hope there will be more from these two.
    There is something about the way that two women pursue eachother.. Whoever says that they can't imagine sexual attraction between same sexes being part of 'Nature's Design' is foolish (in my opinion). I think that we were designed to be sexual creatures - Period.
    So I shall leave with saying - Get 'er, Eli!!

  4. Mmmm...Tigra-Luna, I enjoyed reading your sexy excerpt!

  5. Oh you guys...I am thinking about writing their story now that you said that! *flails*

  6. The possibilites are very intriguing indeed. I cant wait to read more. Will Terry accept the pleasures Eli was offering!