Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Ever since I started getting published, I have been a strong believer in being available. What do I mean about being available?  Well, answering reader questions or comments that sort of thing. The down side--one of the downside to this is having stalkers. Yes, writers are like rockstars to some people and they do stalk you. Creepy, right? 

 Scary story...right after I had Caribbean Heat - I had a guy from Barbados stalking me on facebook, myspace and emails. It was a tad strange because he was sending me emails telling me he was in love with me. Never in my live have I had a stalker before. These days we're being stalked on facebook.

Possible signs you have a fb stalker (they are obvious but still):

  • Is the person failing to leave you alone despite your various requests to stop messaging you
  • Are they leaving lots of comments that are suggestive of the two of you spending more time, or even the rest of your lives, together
  • Are you being bullied and/or threatened?
  • Are you experiencing a case where the person will simply not leave you alone but keeps posting updates, sending messages, and constantly butting in?
Here are a few tips to dealing with facebook stalkers.

Remmy D


  1. Sadly this is so common for a lot of people and there is not enough help to get protected from stalkers.

    1. On a serious note - I agree Savannah... (*shudders* I don't do serious well)

  2. I joke with a select few that I'm their personal "stalker"...but truth be told, if they ever requested me to leave them alone I would in a heartbeat out of respect.

    Um...expect you Remmy - I really am stalking you and you really don't have a choice...*winks and hugs*