Wednesday, 18 July 2012

How Sexy Is Too Sexy?

Isn't that a sexy little question? It's Cassandre Dayne and I've been having some frank conversations with other writers about all the sexy and rather sensuous posts we do on blogs - our own, our fan pages, other guest blogging etc. We try as erotic romance writers to bring attention to ourselves and one way is to be a little sexy, perhaps stretch the boundaries. But how much is too much? I know the term braZen means to some maybe REALLY out there but can we push too hard and turn people off? Hmm... I think we can. How do I know that?

Well, we all know the Facebook police exist but not just with the sometimes worthless ways the "staff" handle complaints who do work for Facebook. Let's face it -- they can't check everything out. They react. So I can only get but so angry with them. However there are groups of people on FB that actually target artists and writers with pictures - even ones they simply have buried in a group of photos. Yes, you've heard me say before how much that pisses me off, but you honestly have to think... Being a published author is indeed about reputation. For those who know me really get that I push hard back against the backlash of what I call STUPID.

But there again - I have to be careful. I call myself the wicked girl and a couple of dear friends of mine finally said - STOP. You play at that but the girl inside is different. True. I post pictures and HOT HOT HOT flashes and continue to have folks as (especially men) do I do all the wild and wooly things I write about?  Ummm.... NO. Do I do some? Only people REALLY close to me will ever hear the fine details. LOL  But this is about posting pictures and writing. I'm learning that what offends me isn't what offends others - to each their own. Granted - sick to DEATH of the lack of tolerance but we as authors do have to be careful. I'll post a few pics and you tell me if they are too much.

I love writing sexy and I love posting sexy pictures and that's not going to stop. I do think tempering what we post to encourage more readers is the way to go. I'll be the very first person to stand up and say  - patience and tolerance or you're out of my life but... To each their own. Tell me your thoughts...

Kisses   xxx



  1. I agree with you Cass. I am scared to post too much of FB picture wise because of their over eager use of the Ban Hammer, that's why all my hottest pics-of all genres- go in The Crypt. I write erotica which means I discuss and think about sex, as well as other things.
    Keep doing what you do Cass because you are a real inspiration to me and YOU ROCK as well

  2. As a reader, I love to see my favourite authors post sensual and, yes, often erotic pictures that either represent their works or simply speak to them in ways they just have to share with their readers. On certain social networks -ahem- Facebook, you are limited by trolls and groups who don't appreciate or tolerate the beauty of the human body or it's nature. I don't think that is any reason to stop posting the images you want to, you simply have to look for more creative ways and places to post them. :D

  3. The thing about facebook these days, its not necessarily readers etc reporting them. Because the readers who add us, Cass, are people who love this kind of stuff. The people who report us so they can use the Ban Hammer as Vampiremorbius said, are those who dislike us and just want to mess with us. I found that out when my fb account got banned because of a picture of a shirtless cowboy...But I don't think when we write there's such a thing as too sexy...

  4. I agree, with all the people getting reported and profiles shutting down we have to scale back and I hate that. There are people who will always hate no matter what. It's like nobody forces you to look at our stuff, if you see it, its because you added us to be your friend.

  5. I don't write erotic, so I thought until a reader pointed out they loved my erotic scene. Anyway, if I don't like something I see or read I have eyelids that can close and an exit button on my computor. If they don't want to see it, they really should think twice before they friend someone. It's easier to blame someone elses bravery than admnit were afraid of our desires.
    Cora Blu.

  6. Hi there Cassandre. My own sister reprimanded me for posting a blurb on her page the word "cock" was in the blurb. Tried to tell me oh its not me its my friends. Please....grow up. As Remmy got reported for a shirtless cowboy...give me a break. Yes, there are very vindictive people on FB...don't friend us...and if someone does report you are you told who it is? It's hasn't happened to me yet, which is surprising I do get carried away sometimes...LOL...Cass I love your pictures and Remmy I drool over yours. So as far as our writing goes, it earthy, natural and opens up avenues for so many. It's fantasy, it's fiction...get over it already. I'm spoiled. Can't read anything without expecting more. And erotic romance and erotica authors deliver.

  7. I agree with Cora Blu - everyone has eyes they can close and an Escape button on their keyboards. :) If as a reader/viewer, you cannot take the heat, then don't get into the fire.

    Personally, I love pics that are more sensual and evocative than truly erotic, but that's my sensibility, though I will not shut my eyes at a real sexy naked man's picture. To each his/her own :)