Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What's Not To Love About Hot Men...

And even hotter sex, right?  Now tell me what's not to love about the sexy and steamy guys you are seeing below here? Come on ladies and gents - you know you like them all sexy and dirty and gritty and grimy and in turn you love to see them work hard? Then again - don't you love to see them play harder as well? You know what I mean. You want them to give YOU all they have in and out of bed or and sexy and steamy stories too...  Purr babies...

It's Cassandre Dayne and I wanted to bring you a few yummy looking men to day for your consideration before you delve into my HOT worlds of steamy sex. For those of you who don't know, I write highly erotic and usually extremely kinky books. Now, I do write het pieces including about cowboys and even creatures of the night BUT I love writing about m/m more. YUMMY. I also tend to write a lot about our everyday heroes including firemen, policemen and even the coast guard. Currently I am in mid stream writing about cops from several aspects, musicians, a rough and tumble cowboy and I even have a roughneck story - for those of you who don't know that's all about the oil pipeline work - in my little toy box of tails.

So what makes a HOT and spicy man in my books? Well they don't ALL have to be sexy and good looking - well, most of the time. I also love my men in all flavors and yes I really do. I admit the creamier and darker the lickable areas I tend to hunger a bit more and think that writing and sharing interracial pieces is very sizzling and tasty indeed. I do love them tall and hunky and muscular but then again, I truly like my bad boys more than anything.

Just what is a bad boy? Again, I think down and dirty cops are hot and firemen with the soot covering their face is especially dreamy. I also do love the cowboy look where they've been wrangling horses for a few days on the range and they have that sweat and very testosterone filled look about them too. Then again there's nothing like a rescue diver - all wet and steamy... Now my juices are flowing for another sexy story. Trust me too, I can write a story about any kind of guy.

But the truly bad boys to me are more than just a little bit rough around the edges. They ride motorcycles and drive hot sports cars, they might be criminals like a member of the mafia and they kill and maim for a living. They could be just your regular scheming guy - you know the type - he's all out for himself at every turn. Mix it up with a sexy boxer perhaps or a football player who snarls for a living and lordy you have a recipe for a sexy story.

We like to see our guys fall and fail and dust themselves off and get right back up. Don't we guys? They act like jerks and yet love with a passion we normally don't experience. We want the hard guy with the edge on the outside and the soft and gooey in the middle. NOW I'm getting all hot and bothered. So... in the next few months you're going to see lots of sexy guys coming from me. I just hope you can take the heat...

Kisses and stay wicked for me   xxx



  1. Every man can be hot. They all have it in them. I love my men and if they can get me hot and sexy I love them even more. I love my bad boys and the ones I can corrupt..So sexy Cassandre...

  2. OMG! I should have known better than to check this in the middle of my Civil Lit class....*droool*