Saturday, 21 July 2012

Prague in the Rain - Create! Muahahaha---erm...Create!

I think my mother gave me the BEST advice when it comes to writing. "Don't complicate it. Write what you know. And no one knows how you feel better than you. So, write what you feel."

When I write it is because things around me inspired me to do so. From a sexy biker speeding down the street on a Kawasaki ninja, to a quick bus ride past a firehouse, or a siren or a quick walk to Bluffers park to watch the water.  No matter what, I try to take inspiration from everywhere and everyone.  Ever character I write has a little bit of me and others in them. 

Bluffers park add the sweetness, the softness, the gentleness in my stories.  The biker adds the sensual feels, the ripping of clothes, the hunting of a lover. The siren adds the anger and danger in my work. 
Prague in the Rain

You care creative when you look at a picture and get this overwhelming urge to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and create. The picture above inspired my new story Paradise Found - to which I still have to write the blurb. There is something about this picture that tells me about heartbreak. It tells me of being lost and found again. I know, you may not see the same thing I see in a picture--that is why it is worth a thousand words.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this--take inspiration from everything around you. The bad, the good, the indifferent.  Open yourself up to the people around you, the happenings around you, the languages, the colours--take it all in.  Then, when you feel like you can't hold anymore, put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and create!

Once you've created, go out and start all over again.

Kendra Mei Chailyn (Kadian Tracey)

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  1. We do tend to make simple things complicate them. We can't help our self at times. We have to sit and tune out.