Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Can I Touch There?

Tuesday is upon us and while we here in Toronto fight the cra-cra heat wave, I try to stay cool but its really hard when I write erotica.  I  mean think about it. I have to battle with different kinds of sexy from clothes ripping, tied-up, spanking the booty kind of sexy, to sitting on a park-bench while making out kind of sexy.

The rough kind isn't a bad thing. I mean sometimes you don't want to be made love to. You want your hair pulled, dirty talkin', roughed up against the wall kind of sex. You want it wild, screaming, grunting, sweaty and in the gutter.  Come on, admit it, we all know what you're thinking.  

Other times--you want sweet, caresses, soft kisses. You want kind words and bodies writhing to the beat of lightning flashing outside the window.   Remember when Michael Bolton's "Can I Touch You There?" was vulgar?  I remember. When I was little and first heard this song, I couldn't stop giggling. I mean, can he touch me where, exactly?




Then I got older and music became a much bigger part of my life.  Think about it, there's a song for every mood you can think of. You name the emotion and I could probably google a song that goes with that mood.  But the older I got, the more I paid attention to the lyrics and found this song so unbearably sexy in the most sensual, delicious kind of way.

This is not really the video, the real video is in Vevo and it refuses to work through Blogger but just listen to the song.  It's even better if you lay in the dark, turn off all your lights and lie on your back, close your!

But see what I mean? Sexy can be soft and kind and sometimes, we all need soft and kind.

Have a lovely week!
Remmy Duchene

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  1. Sexy can come in all shapes and sizes. It can be subtle and gentle. Sexy is what you make it out to be.