Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Perfect Man?

When you meet someone new, what do you look at first?

Common enough question right? So, let’s say you’re meeting someone new, or a whole lot of someone’s. And your eyes go where? The hair, the forehead, the nose, the eyes, maybe the neck? What part of the human body do your eyes love the most? What attributes jump starts your Corazon? What part of the human body makes you forget where you’re at and causes your shut off filter to well…shut off? 

Okay, I’ll be the first to answer since I brought it up. When I meet someone new the very first thing I look at, are the arms. I swear to you! My eyes go like this: His arms, across the chest, up to his neck, his eyes, and then his head… hair or not, I find a lot of bald guys sexy as all get out. Then my eyes do another sweep of the eyes and to the smile, the lips, his nose, and I kid you not…they do this on their own, I’m a follower here, they travel to his crotch! What I want to know is why it takes them so long to get that far? They linger a bit, up and down each leg, back to the crotch, try to decide what side the uh…where his uh…you know! Where it’s at. Then my eyes speed back up to look him in his eye and then I say hi and introduce myself. All of this happens in a matter of seconds. With age comes experience. Ha!

So, what does the perfect guy look like to me? Well, I couldn’t find a picture of him anywhere online. How sad is that? I mean wow, he should be but alas. (Tells you the perfect guy isn’t so perfect after all huh?) But in my mind here he is: 

1.       He stands at six one, six two
2.       He has dark hair OR no hair
3.       He has dark eyes
4.       Olive skin toned--tats are fine as long as they are tasteful.
5.       Broad chest (nipple rings are good too)
6.       Nice sized arms, not too big, not too small
7.       A fantastic smile that goes from his mouth to his eyes (and I don’t mind character lines)
8.       A low, sensual, soothing, suggestive, alpha voice (don’t ask what the alpha voice sounds like…ha! I went over that last week.)

And do you have the perfect man in your vision? One that makes your heart fall to your feet?


  1. Hrm perfect man...well I look at the eyes first...I am a sucker for a nice set of eyes, I dont care the colour as long as they are intense. Then height...I love me a tall man *giggles* Hair, not so important to me Michele you're right there. *drool* OMG and accents...I am a sucker for a British, Spanish, French, Italian, Jamaican accent...there are others too but dont think I have enough space to list all of them *blush*

  2. I think the first thing that gets me are his eyes and smile..The eyes are the window to the soul. I need to feel the spark..

  3. We are going to set up a workday wide search for the perfect man...I'm sure we will have a blast looking. Ha!!

  4. Damn phone...worldwide..there better.