Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ah Pictures...The Bane of a Writer


Since when did they become such a nightmare? Is this the death of certain creativity as we know it? Hmmm... I am in a reflective mood this morning. Well recently there has been a hell of a lot of hubub about authors getting sued for using pictures in blogs, on Pinterest and in other locations. Well... Okay so we certainly don't want our stories used for marketing ideas and not given credit so I can certainly understand. However suddenly there is this rash of authors pulling every picture they've had down from any and every location. Being a writer and trying to create not just a written word erotic aura or painting a picture around what I am writing, I've certainly snagged and used sexy pics of HOT men, alluring locations and others in my blogs etc.

Pinterest is also one of the guilty pleasures. You can either grab something from a website (and pinning it does list the source) or upload pictures and while you're NOT supposed to put any nudes on the site - Have you seen them? Heck, I consider myself a wicked girl and yet some of them give me more than just a little bit of pause. So authors have been taking down all their boards and wiping out pictures from their blogs. I don't know... Can you purchase pictures from reputable sites for inclusion in everything from your blogs to the use in book trailers or on covers? Of course you can, but I can tell you that the concept can either get pricey or you can have trouble finding what you're looking for.

You can find some sexy models and some intimacy BUT, and a huge but here, there are so many of the same models used I'm growing sick to death or seeing this one blond and this one dark haired guy on like a bazillion covers. How about you? Then just try TRY to find any black men who look sexy and not as gangsters and you scour the ends of the earth. I write a heck of a lot of interracial AND I find black men sexy. Why can't I find any?  Hmm.... Okay, how about homosexual or lesbian couples? What you find are two people holding hands and the occasional chaste kiss. BORING.

We as women want HOT pics of men and sexy situations. I want chocolate being draped down over a man's body with her tongue licking in very "strategic" locations. I want BDSM pics where there is the understanding of domination and submission as well as the kink. I want some cowboys who leave little to the imagination. I want sultry vacation locations where the couple is frolicking under water. I want the allure of her removing her panties and him gazing longingly. I want... Okay, so I want a lot but why aren't their sites out there where you can find these kind that aren't located on every single one of them? Heck, I have accounts at Shutterstock and Dreamstime, 123rtf and Depositstock. I scour the Internet like a vulture trying to find photographers where I can actually AFFORD to purchase some pictures (you know I make millions writing books, right?)

Guess what - if they exist I must not be looking in the right location and GOD knows I don't mean porn guys. I want artistic and beautiful and hopefully reasonable in cost. Writers are creating a beautiful scene and to that end, we enjoy giving the reader an entire adventure. If you know of any other locations dear friends that might help a group of hungry writers out there, let me know. You can either post on here or leave me an email at  I'd love to know...

So today feels like the death of blogs and fun sites as we know it. To that end I'm giving you a few sexy pics I PURCHASED. Eh...they work but grow boring after awhile too. Back to writing and creating in a new way...

Kisses   xxx


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  1. Using pictures just is another form of imagination. We all rely on them in some form or another. I met many amazing people through photo's I've posted. With this whole thing happening sites feel empty and readers are missing the things they were use to.