Thursday, 27 September 2012

Social Network Freedom and Privacy

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Social Networks, we are all a part of one or more of the vast networks out there. Myself being an author I'm pretty much all over the place connecting with other authors, publishers, readers and book lovers. Not everyone belongs to once specific place since there are so many choices out there.

With the advancement of technology and the freedom that people seem to have when it comes to their online life we all worry about privacy and being safe on the net. We all have the option to switch our profiles to private and only have the closest people to us see what we talk about and post.

Those options are there for a reason. Or are they?

I will give you an example. I recently discovered that Facebook now lets everyone see your status. Not just your friends. Now it is friends of friends and people who are not on your list of people who you connected with. Anyone has the chance to comment or read what you put out there. I have my profile set so that only friends can read my stuff but somehow it is visible to everyone. As an author I don't always mind since it means that my posts have more exposure.

But what if you don't want all your posts out there to the world? What if you only want a small group to see them?

We have such freedom and a lot of people don't realize what reach your social life on the net has. People reveal the most intimate details about who they are, their family life and everything in between.

Personally I think we must have some kind of limit about what we reveal and post online. Honestly I really don't want to know you scratched your butt or anything other of that nature.

We forget that now potential employers are even scouting the social networks and looking at the things we post. People have been know to get fired from stuff that they posted on a social network.

How do you feel about the privacy issue when it comes to social networks?
What is your opinion on how much people reveal to the world? Are you comfortable telling everyone everything?

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  1. I closed my FB account - this is one of the reasons.

    1. Julia, I have been thinking about doing that myself..

  2. those Facebook settings are super easy to change, but I do wish they would make it clear for those not so tech savvy to understand they do need to mess around with their privacy settings. It doesn't come all locked up nice and tight and secure, the user needs make that happen. it should be the other way around. if you want to be Miss. Public, you should have to go in and swap out those settings. Oh well. such is life. Facebook plays a vitial role in networking with not just readers, but also folks in the industry. I won't be giving it up any time soon. Well, unless they throw even more changes at it and confuse the heck out of me. LOL
    And I darn wish folks would quit telling me exactly where they are in the world sipping their coffee or buying a newspaper via the map features. NOT SAFE. NOT COOL