Wednesday, 12 September 2012

How HOT Do You Like Your Sex Toys?


Yeah, you heard me - SEX TOYS.  Now that doesn’t seem like a huge fantasy – does it? But the interesting thing about sex toys is that it remains a very private issue for a lot of people and especially men. I’m not going to get into the logistics and comparisons of the types of toys but let’s just say whatever your kink is you can find it. Until several years ago you really couldn’t find anything other than your basic vibrator unless you went to one of “those” stores. You know the ones I mean, the type sitting in ugly concrete buildings nestled in that not so nice part of town. Usually back off the main street you could park around back and hopefully not be seen when you went inside. That way if you purchased anything like a very kinky magazine to an anal plug your friends and family wouldn’t know what you were purchasing. The store keepers even placed your items in a plain brown bag so no one had any idea.

Boy, is it different today. I recently purchased a slew of sexy items for a conference and not only was the store a beautifully maintained well-lit location on a very main drag in my town but the bags were pink plastic with their logo slapped all over them. Hey, while it was an excuse I had a blast and even the few men purchasing sexy videos and kinda giving me the eye seemed fairly comfortable. But if you honestly think about it, you can purchase anything you could ever imagine on line. Type in the word sex toys and a myriad of on-line stores pop up. Some have been around longer than you would imagine and now you can have your selection of not just a couple vibrators but about three dozen or so in various shapes, sizes and yes colors. I love the purple Rabbit vibrator and the hot pink one.

Whatever your selection you items come in plain brown packages at your door and no one, including your UPS man has any idea. So why do people continue to hide away from the fact they not only purchase items but enjoy using them? Hmmm… Is it perhaps because they think if they admit they’re using them then they’re not that good in bed? Hogwash!  The concept for using them is to develop more playtime alone and with your partner. Sex toys are designed to develop and titillate new sensations in and on your body. From massage oil to anal plugs most places have it all.

I have found with women they continue to hide their toys away in a drawer and a lot of times use them very privately as if telling their partner is also a bad thing. Now, of course you have to keep them hidden from children. Not sure how I’d want to explain what the long chartreuse rubber thing is used for but… What’s wrong with purchasing them together as a couple? Men enjoy sensations and there are wonderful toys designed just for men. There are also others designed for couples.

And no, its not all about kink and spanking either. However if you’re into a bit more than a plug and a vibrator you can find that too. From electric play to spanking benches they’re out there. I had no idea until I started writing erotic and exploring just how many there are. There are iron forgers who design branding irons and leather men who do nothing but create especially designed collars. It’s amazing what you can find. And we won’t even talk about the medical play equipment.

Don’t let these extremes pull you away. What most couple are looking for is stimulation and excitement and even bringing a little romance back into their sex life. Imagine a scenario:  No kids and you have the house to yourself on a snowy Saturday night. There’s a fire roaring in the fireplace with the snow falling softly outside. The bearskin rug is right by the hearth There’s soft jazz music playing and you have an open bottle of wine and a basket. What’s in the basket? Massage oil, vibrators, anal plugs, fuzzy handcuffs, nipple clamps and rope. Hmmm… does that give you any sexy ideas? To each their own but playtime is just that and if you’re uncomfortable you can try something else. The price range is all over the place from extremely affordable to downright outrageous. It’s all up to you.

Don’t be afraid – fill your life with passion.

Kisses   xxx




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