Saturday, 29 September 2012

Martin Sheen BLEW my mind!

I normally walk down the street and I see kids and they have their pants belted around their thighs - for the boys and the girls wear their skirts so short that if the breeze was to blow, just a little bit, it would be over their heads. I mean the thought of them being the ones to change this world scared the crap out of me! I mean be honest! You were thinking it.

But I had the oppurtunity to get a ticket for WE DAY. First of all you can't buy a ticket for WE DAY you have to EARN it. You have to do something to change the world to get a ticket for it. So because of our Agriculture Trip to Cuba, The guys over at Free The Children sent us some tickets.  I went thinking it was going to be just another mini concert with a bunch of kids and some famous people but boy was a I wrong.
We did have a mini concert with the likes of K'Naan, Nelly Furtado, Shawn Desman, Jennifer Hudson, The Tenors, Lil Jake and some dancers that taught us the WE DAY dance, but what really got me was Al Gore and Martin Sheen. Now Al Gore told us about the melting ice-caps which I've known about for a while now especially after researching Serbia for a story I have been writing for three years (ugh) and he told us that he has to rely on us to fix things.

But the big surprise to me was when they came on strage and introduced Martin Sheen (Yes, father of the same Charlie Sheen). Istood there, camera poised thinking "what in the world could Martin Sheen have to say to me about changing the world?" He walked on the stage, looked around, and began speaking.  From the moment he opened his mouth I was pulled in, intriqued if you will. He first apologised to us for letting his generation comepletely mess up the world. Because they aren't leaving us a very good legacy. He was articulate, and intelligent and funny. When he was finished, everyone was on their feet just cheering and applauding.

And what blew my mind? Aside from the fact Martin Sheen took time to fly to Canada to give children and youths hope for a better world - and aside from the fact he was so intelligent and amazingly outspoken? And aside from the fact that he is Martin-Fricking-Sheen? Its the fact that he has given me renewed hope that those same kids with their pants belted around their thighs and those girls with skirts short enough to cause a wardrobe malfunction can save the world. They can do something so beautiful and kind that it will be another ripple in the wave of world change.

I say again--Martin Sheen BLEW my mind.

Kendra Mei Chailyn

PS: If you have twitter please tweet @Zinc save lives and ask your friend to retweet it. For every retweet TEK will donate fifty cents to a fund to help villages around the world deal with zinc deficiencies. Not sure when it ends, probably after the WE DAYs have all been done. But do it just in case.

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