Sunday, 2 September 2012

Slow Dancing

Do you remember when you were a kid, let’s say, in Jr. High? OH, even High School, and your friends had parties at their houses? Okay, let me use me as an example. Though when I went to school Jr. High didn’t exist… Our school was a K-8 school located in Chicago, IL. So, anyway, we used to have parties, and ones we were allowed to invite the boys to. My parents at the time owned a pretty big house, and it had a rather large basement, a perfect party area, so I often had the most parties. 

Now, back in that day vinyl records were the thing, and we used to “hire” a friend of ours to be the D.J. What’s so cute and funny here is that IF one of us girls were throwing a party, we’d tell the “D.J.” what to play the most of. And let me tell you, the music back in the late 70’s early 80’s, was a whole lot different than it is today, but dancing is dancing, though it has changed a bit over the years with the new techno beats and what have you, music is still music. Dancing is still dancing, and these days unlike back then, fast music gives one the permission to get up close and next to the person of their desire or dancing partner or however you want to look at it and physically get nice and close, almost going as far as having sex right on the dance floor, but that’s not what I’m talking about. 

When we were kids, we didn’t physically touch during fast songs, and it’s funny looking back now to those days. The boys all gathered on one side of the room and the girls on the other, and we’d all be holding plastic cups of punch of all things. In my basement there was a strobe light, so the lights were dimmed way down and the music began… We were in heaven. A fast song was played then three slow songs. And that’s when we had the most fun. Slow dancing with our boyfriends and being held close, our heads on their shoulders, their arms wrapped around our waists, and if those hands “slipped,” the more slow dancing we did. 

There’s nothing in the world, outside of sex that is, like slow dancing, not even the near sexual experience one has when dancing fast these days to the music, where one is grinding their ass against the pelvis, crotch or whatever of their dancing partner(s), wandering hands all but exposing the girlie bits, or leaving very little to the imagination… either way. It’s the slow sensual dance that I love more. Arms wrapped around your partner, bodies close, swaying as one, feeling the beat of the music as if it’s in your blood, smelling the cologne/perfume on their neck, eyes closed so all of your other senses are sharper, especially the sense of feeling. Right? 

That’s the bonus of a good slow dance. The feelings. The physical and emotional feelings you get… Unless of course you dance with a nitwit who has their eyes on everyone and everything but you… If that’s the case, I’d leave the ass standing in the middle of the dance floor alone, because he/she does not deserve your time. It’s those feelings that begin to climb as you hold or are held tight, perhaps the hand holding you moves up and down slowly, hips moving with yours, perhaps the smell of that person makes your stomach quiver in good ways, and eventually you’ll forget the other people around you and all there is, all that exists in the world at that time is that song and you and your partner. That’s magic. That’s special. That’s the beauty of a slow dance. 


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