Saturday, 8 September 2012

Oh the HORROR!

Happy Saturday!

So the other day I was getting on the bus--there's going to be many of my braZen posts that start out like that bee-tee-dub (HIMYM reference there). But the other day I was getting on the bus. The driver stop in front of me and thankfully everyone that was on the bus got off through the back door (like they're supposed to anyway). I took one step forward and this guy, PUSHED me out of the way to get on the bus. Now, I was pissed off as hell and was about to put my foot up his ass when the driver suddenly slammed the bus into park and rose from his seat.

Now this driver is one of them big, hulking, bear looking brothas wearing a shirt that was way too small around his muscular arms with dark glasses. He stopped us all from getting on the bus, waved to the boy and yelled. "Come here!"

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I was terrified. He wasn't directing the anger at me, but his voice left me trembling and not in a good way. But I digress. So he called the guy back and with his hands on the hips yelled at him about the importance of being good to women. I thought it was hilarious once I got over how big this man's biceps were. I mean there he was, lecturing a guy who was old enough to know better. Then to my shock and horror, he kicked the guy off the bus tell him to wait for the next one.  I was happy he stood up for me but mortified that he was kicking this guy off the bus to wait for the next one. Then it dawned on me that was his way of punishing the kid for what he did.

So it got me to thinking, aside from the fact chivalry has died a slow, painful, icky (dramatic much?) death, why would he do a thing like that? The guy I mean--why would he see me standing in front of the door and shoves his way onto the bus. It didn't occur to him to wait his turn. It's almost like he reverted to grade school where he wanted what he wanted and he wanted it now. Forget the fact for a second that I'm a woman and he isn't afraid of a girl, he just showed me that no matter how old some guys get they don't learn to wait their turn. It's the need we all seem to have to have instant gratification, instant noodles, instant cereals, instant payment, instant everything. Everything these days require no patience. Every thing we do is supposed to be right there, at the ready as though waiting for us all the time. So our children grow up impatient and mean.  Maybe that was why he did it.

I am trying to grow into a better person. The old me would have snapped but I found myself thinking of the underlining reason for his actions.

Have a great Saturday!

Kadian Tracey (Kendra Mei Chailyn)

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