Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Could You Allow Him Control?


In the middle of a crowded restaurant? Would you consider a touch of public display? In my naughty poem that I penned, With a Single Look, not only does she wait in anticipation for her lover to arrive at a darkened restaurant, but she also follows him into a small space, presumably the bathroom where he requires her to undress for him. He will dole out punishment that she accepts readily and there are no words spoken. While he closes the door, he does not lock it signifying his total control and absolute power, but also her complete trust. Here’s a little taste…

I wait in silence in the shadowed light
While customers come and go, unaware
Of the hunger that burns within
To the point I can no longer breathe
I sense his presence drawing near
My instincts keen, my understanding strong
With a single look…
I will want

I watch in reverence as he enters the room
While he scans the crowded space, searching
For the woman that gives him freedom
Enough so that his features bear sensuous cravings
I drink in his feral scent
My wet heat clenching, my pulse racing
With a single look…
I will yearn

I feel my resolve crumbling as he draws closer
While the waiter serves the wine, suspecting
That the woman he sees is mesmerized
By the prowess of the stunning man
I lick my lips in anticipation
My desires raging, my legs quivering
With a single look…
I will need

I shiver as he gazes into my eyes
While a single finger traces down my neck, savoring
The feel of my skin as it trembles
Because of the whispered scintillating touch
I close my eyes in acquiescence
My realization complete, my acceptance secured
With a single look…
I will succumb

I follow as he leads into the darkness
While his hand never leaves my back, controlling
The lover he claimed so long ago
By the power that gave me life and love
I nod my head as he closes the door
My senses tingling, my voice quavering
With a single look…
I will become

I undress as he leans silently against the wall
While his eyes rake down my body, relishing
In the naked woman that stands before him unafraid
Because of the complete level of trust
I lower my eyes as he pushes me to the floor
My discipline required, my forgiveness complete
With a single look…
I now belong

Not only is a highly erotic act within itself, it is a bit dark and dangerous and something that probably few of us would consider. But tell me, have you ever given yourself over to passion somewhere that a bit naughty and out of the ordinary? The thought of being discovered is certainly an aphrodisiac to many and a touch too kinky to others. I have written about public displays and voyeurism in several of my stories because of the trickle of fear the meshes with the story.

You don’t have to be this deliciously naughty. You can allow him to be in control of that moment of passion in the privacy of your own home. I think for men they sometimes feel at a loss of control because of their everyday lives and the stresses of their job and a typical family life. Perhaps suggesting that he come up with something a bit saucy and completely out of both of your comfort zones might spice things up a bit. I am not suggesting that you go out in the middle of your cul-de-sac in an open convertible, but…there are certainly some other tasty methods that might give you both a kick, a sizzle.

There are many ways you can spice up you love life including reading naughty stories together or perhaps selecting toys on line that will be delivered discretely to your home in plain brown packages. Many of you may have heard of Frederick’s of Hollywood. It’s a wonderful little store where you can purchase not only sexy clothes and lingerie but you can also order a snazzy little costume for your sassy woman to slide into.

Imagine her as a Geisha girl or perhaps a policewoman that comes to your door. They are inexpensive and might add a little flavor to your otherwise vanilla moments of rapture. Then again, a raging fire, a bottle of massage oil and a very lit candles might give you a spark. I’ll give you a tempting little piece and see if that gives your imagination a boost.

Mark heard the doorbell and sighed. Who could it be at this hour? Grousing, he set down his beer and headed for the front door. Swinging it open, he was completely unprepared for the vixen standing before him. “Yes, can I help you?” He realized his voice was trembling. Gazing down the length of her, the stunning voluptuous redhead stood in a she-devil costume complete with red fishnet stockings, a long tail and stilettos that showed her curvaceous legs.

“Special delivery,” she cooed, her voice raspy.

“For me?” Mark choked, his heart thumping.

“For one very good boy.” Licking her lips, she tipped her head back as she took her long crimson tail in her hand, swinging it in circle after circle.

The sensuous act not lost on him, he stepped back and blinked furiously, he gaze settling on her rosy nipples that were just peeking out from the tight confines of her corset. “I’m sure you have the wrong house.”

Slowly she smiled and shook her head. “No, I don’t think so. I think I’m in the exact place I need to be.” Stepping inside, she pushed him back with a single finger and kicked the door close. Purring, she inhaled deeply as she fingered the slip of satin that held the corset together.

“, I’m sure you have to wrong place.” Her face hidden behind the mask, he longed to see her. Hell, he longed to taste her.

“No, I don’t.” With a single flick of her hand, she unfurled the string.

Mark panted as she eased her breasts out from the tight confines, her grin full of mischief. “Who…who are you?”

Giggling, she removed her mask as she closed the distance.

“You are so going to get it!” Mark growled.

“Can’t your wife give you a little tease?”

Well, written on the fly, but maybe it gives you a wicked little idea of your own.


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