Friday, 14 September 2012

Do you like my swag baby???

Oh my freaking goodness...I left my thumbdrive at home...all my goodies are on it...I feel so undressed right now *heads desk giggling*
*slouches and pseudo smiles* soooooooo...whatcha doin? *eye roll* this is not
one of those clamps
*heads desk*

Okay I'm gonna make today short and simple and use it for my own personal gain...muahahahahah
GRL is coming up (GayRomLit)...and even though I won't be attending *raises hands to quiet down booing...giggles*...yeah I have no ego right? hehe Okay—I won't be going to GRL...but a couple VIP friends will be attending and have offered to hand out swag for me...

I asked this question on my author page on FB and got some great I wanted to spread this question out to ya'll...
What kind of swag do you look forward to from the authors you read? What kind would you keep? What kind might you toss once you clear that author's table?
****of topic...but whenever you hear swag don't you just want to swing your hips? hehe****
sooooooo...whatcha planning
on measuring? hehe
...and to expand on my question just a smidgeon...
Do you prefer cover art on your swag or would you rather have a personalized type of picture that you can relate with one particular author? (kinda like a symbol that the author uses that is like their trademark)
It isn't too late for authors to order more swag for the upcoming main give us some ideas...please and thank you! *bows*


  1. Useful items! I dont want anything thats going to sit on my desk and just add to the pile of papers already there. Nothing that is going to create more dusting for me to do

  2. My favorite swag will always be bookmarks. They are easy to carry, have wonderful info on the author and can be used in books that are being read. *grins* I've just always loved bookmarks.